What is the best way on adding foilage, etc...?

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by gregbva123, Feb 29, 2004.

  1. gregbva123

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    I am adding scenery now, like bushes, trees, grass, etc... and want to know how to do it the best way. I purchased Woodland Scenics products and want to add them this week. Colors are Dark Green and Med Green colors.

  2. belg

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    Greg, I don't claim to be an expert but it would seem to me that you need to get quite a few more components to install all the things your talking about. A canister of green/and/or mixed turf and some burnt grass color for bare spots. I usually start with the grass shakers first then add ground cover like sticks few rocks then glue all that in place with wetwater and 50/50 whiteglue and water mix let that set up and then add the trees and the shrubs depending on sizeand scale small pieces of clump material tacked with WS hobby tack works well for me. If you want to add some tall grass I would wait til the end and pick and choose where you want to fill them in. They usually grow in lower wet areas where water would collect. Hope this was helpful but remember this is my method and there are many ways to accomplish these results so find what works best for you.
  3. jmarksbery

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    Hi Greg, there are many methods of doing all you want and with a little search here most has been done and very well I might add. Charlie, Shamus and others just to mention a few. Try the academy as well. Good luck and keep us posted. Jim :wave:
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    Diversity is one of the keys to good looking scenery. I use over 20 different items plus stuff from the yard. As to how, a single book can't contain how to do it all, let alone a thread on a forum, but for begining I liked the books and videos by woodland scenics and the video from worlds greatest hobby with Micheal Gross. That and reading every magazine I can read, esp the old ones from the 60s-80s as they were more how to (IMHO). One trick that I have never read or heard that I discovered on my own is that when using ground cover/foam the base color of the "ground" can affect the color of the overlying flock/foam. You can paint one area forest green and another tan, apply flock, and end up with two different looking/color areas using the same cover. FRED
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    how-to-do-it articles

    Hey guys:
    I wonder, after reading these threads, whatever happened to the good old-fashioned how-to articles that use to appear in the mags? I know some of you remember the Dollar Projects. Wonder if it would be a good move to revive them? Take some of the old items and re-run them. I mean not everyone models AC4400-CW's with multiple hundred stack cars...know what I mean Vern?? Then you have the newcomers to the hobby who know from nothing about scenery, track-laying, modeling water etc.etc.etc.
    If we don't make an effort to teach them about what to do, who will? No reflection on the author but 5-10 pages on computer programming do NOT belong in a model railroading mag. We have strayed so far into the land of technology that the hobby is becoming unrecognizable.

    Just a small safety valve pop on my part but I think that it's worth thinking about. Agree or not?

  6. George D

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    I know you are anxious to get started and don't want to hear this, but I suggest you do some research before starting. There are several books and videos on making scenery. Go to Amazon and search "model railroad" and you'll find a pretty good listing. One book listed, "How to build Realistic Scenery" by Dave Frary, is an excellent book. I've got an old video that he made which is informative and I'm sure his current ones are good too. His site is: http://www.mrscenery.com/. The internet has good info on specific areas such as making trees or streams.

    Making scenery isn't difficult, heck I've done it. :) There are many little steps and techniques that should be covered in any description of the process. That's why the experts take an entire book to cover the subject.

  7. belg

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    Greg check out this link I learned quite a few new techniques from these pages.

  8. Will_annand

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    Re: how-to-do-it articles

    Mags now, especially MR, are mostly advertising. The articles are there to promote the sales of advertisers products.

    The best mag right now is NGSLG.

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