What is the average price for a gas powered RC boat?

Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by Hamza, May 9, 2008.

  1. Hamza

    Hamza New Member

    I wanted to look in buying a RC boat that i've always wanted, but there just so many choices, what would you say is the average price for radio controlled boat that is powered by gas? If you could also send me some addresses for shops in markham, ON that would sell these
  2. zigmanfraud

    zigmanfraud New Member

    A real good one will run around $200-$250, you can get them cheaper, but the quality won't be the same. do your research and compare. Enjoy!!!
  3. Ron Olson

    Ron Olson Member

    If you're talking GAS, not NITRO you're looking at a lot more money. Starting prices for a decent one will cost you $700.00 or more US.
    Being on the other side the the bridge I don't know Ontario.
    HALLAMMARINEHOBBY.COM is in London and has a race coming up soon. Check the IMPBA site, International Model Power Boat Association for the date. You might be able to pick up a new or used boat there. It will be the Thames MBC.

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