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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Mountain Man, Dec 14, 2008.

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    Now that I've had a chance to relax, breathe, contemplate, and what ever else one can do to cope with perceived disaster, this:
    When I first joined wwwdotthe-gaugedotcom, it was ........a small town. Comfortable, a place where we all knew our neighbors, and we all got along.
    When Dave, sold us to Peter, some our........heritage, some of our....history, started vanishing.
    When Peter sold us to Zealot,(wwwdotZealotdotcom, the gauge-model trains) it was like.......having our homes torn down, and replaced with duplexes that we each got half of, with new neighbors in the other half. The name of our town was changed, even some of the street names changed. The free parking, downtown, was replaced with parking meters. We had a "government", and it needed revenue. We had become an......asset, a commercial venture.
    When Zealot, became part of Crowdgather,( www.zealot.com/forum) it felt like we had completely lost our identity.....our small town had become a sprawling city.
    When the "city board" informed all of us residents, that there were things we had been doing for as long as we had lived here, that we could no longer be allowed to do...............................wall1
    I think what we all did, can be described as; we sold our two bedroom condos, on the 325th floor, and moved to the suburbs, to try to recapture a simpler life, a.... for the want of a better word....friendlier community, where once again we knew our neighbors, and could once again, share a less regulated, less complex life. Where we could again be just friends, and neighbors, and not just "fellow taxpayers".
    We remain visitors here "in the city", because we still do have friends here. We'll keep "making the trip" back here..........at least until the city grows again, and then, even the "city", no longer feels like home.
    I guess I can sum it all up with the "heavily overplayed theme" It's a great place to visit, but who'd want to live there!. I have to run, got to catch the 3:15 home. (yeah, that was a train reference:mrgreen:)
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    That's a good way to put it Pete.
    I can totally understand what your saying.
    Some of us felt the urge to move to the suburbs earlier on and enjoy the occasional trip into the city.
    Some may consider it the other side of town (but the train runs through our neighborhood too) and We also enjoy having friends over to talk about our common interests.
    I would hope that our interest in this great hobby is enough to overcome the comunity boundries so we can all benifit from each others experience.
    So kick back and relax.

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    That pic was taken at Don's house, just a couple of days after I had broken the ankle. Under that sock, is an air cast...I still had a long drive back to Vernon Hills, with two stops. Williams Az. to ride the Grand Canyon ry, and Durango, Co. to ride the Durango & Silverton.
    The good memories of that trip, far and again compensate for the "foot mangling". Thanks for posting that.:wave:
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    Hard to forget that day. Ray, Pete and myself meet for a couple of hours of chatter. That was over five years ago, and It's still as fresh in my mind as yesterday.

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