what is going on in the world??

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  1. hey guys , just ur view on wat is going on in Georgia ,,,, and not to political .BUT damn it lets not get involved , its Russa dont mess with them. lots of u guys are ex military,, and some are from eastern europe,,, wat do u think is gonna happen next?? seeing how the us is backing georgia.. are we somewat involved in a local war with russia??? :(
  2. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    War is bad, period. Things seemed to be getting sorted as of now, thank god we don't have another Korea >_< --"It's the US don't mess with them..."
  3. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    things are NOT getting sorted now. i think its a very BAD idea to open a discussion on politics in this forum. it can be a very passionate topic for some and could very easily break down.
  4. hmas

    hmas Member

    It's possible it will break down at some point as discussions may become heated.
    However the moderator has the right to kill the thread, or remove postings.
    Anyway lets see if the following is right.

    South Ossetia is in northern Georgia which abuts Russia. Northern Ossetia is in Russia. The Ossetians are a distinct ethnic group with their own language and customs. They make up about 70% of the population of South Ossetia, the other 30% being Georgians. There is no oil or gas there; just subsistence farming and basic support industries. The total population of South Ossetia is roughly 70,000 people - yes that's right, the size of a large town!

    South Ossetia has for generations been part of Georgia and there are many ethnic Georgians living there. Georgians would not take kindly to their government abandoning them, which conceding independence to South Ossetia would entail.

    For several years now, the South Ossetians and the Georgian Government have been at loggerheads. The Georgians have offered the Ossetians autonomy within Georgia but that's not been enough for the Ossetians: they insist on full independence (remember, we're talking about 70k people here).

    Fighting in 1992 led to the insertion of a peacekeeping force made up of Georgians, Russians and Ossetians. With a recent offensive by the Georgian army to reassert its authority over all of South Ossetia, peacekeepers - including 15 Russians - have been killed. So the Russians are sending in reinforcements to protect their peacekeepers and the Georgians are proclaiming this as an act of war.

    There's unlikely to be a full blown war but people are dying. It's a dangerous situation. South Ossetian leaders want to merge with North Ossetia. The Russians may privately see this as a good solution. For the Georgians, though, the fear is the Georgians in South Ossetia would be ethnically cleansed - that is, kicked out of their homes and villages and pushed out of South Ossetia altogether.
  5. Nothing

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    russia has been building for this invasion for a long time.irregardless of "whos fault it is" the indescriminate killing that russia is doing is an atrocity! the telling the world they will cease fire and withdrawl all the while pouring more troops and weapons into the country! russia cannot be trusted! their only goal is keep ex soviet block countries from gaining freedom and independence. it is a power play and nothing more. russia is rebuilding its nuclear aresnal and its forces. they are inflaming the world pushing towards another cold war and weapons race. but i guess that s what happens when you have a country led by the KGB. instead of using their might in a positive way for the betterment of the world,they are hell bent on screwing anyone who might be a threat to their " rise to power".
  6. hmas

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    From all reports err properganda it still appears the Russians were responding to an attack.

    Russia can't be trusted? Neither can America/China,or the EUC.
    Interestingly what will be Europes response be? Aid, or troops to help Georgia to fight off the big bad Russians? Russia is still a force to be reckoned with.
  7. Stev0

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    Ukraine and the US agreed to go forward with the missile shield plan. So congrats Russia for showing how 'stable' your region is. Gotta hand it to the various Governments making bad decisions that the good people of a nation have to put up and suffer with.

    As for Russia's strength? 'They' have the most millionaires in the world. The amount of money flowing into their coffers is staggering compared to the aftermath of the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan. It's a good thing most of their 'gear' is old and not as sophisticated as European/American gear. The down side is that they have a lot of gear to mobilize. Also Russia has the ability to 'turn off the tap' and stop the flow of gas to Europe like they have been doing constantly to get their way.

    As for Trust? I would trust no one. The UN has no bite, ESPECIALLY in Africa. The Iraq - Oil for food program was proof also the failings of not only the UN but the individual European Governments and Businesses cashing in on the hard times of others. The US further proved the uselessness of the UN by stepping over them and invading Iraq despite repeated warnings and advisement. China's lack of respect for human rights at home and abroad is proof of their ability to not be trusted to resolve issues.

    No one wants to learn from history no matter how recent the lesson may be.

    It's not about the people in a we/them attitude. Remember we are talking about world events here involving Governments that affect people just like you and me. The rich get richer while the poor have no choice but to either wear a uniform or be a helpless civilian.

    That and perhaps I listen to the BBC WAY toooooo much. :D
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