What is bristol paper?

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    I will soon een the constructions of the GPM HE111 and I am thinking in maybe build the F16 from Halinski, but in many pieces in the instructions say that is necessary to glue the pieces in britol paper and do know what kind of paper or card they are talking about.
    Someone can explain that to me?
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    From my take I would say this is Bristol Board.

    It's 90-110 lb paper I think. Matte on one side and somewhat shiney on the other and by shiney ... I mean the barely shiney. Inkjet printers would be able to print on it.
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    Bristol Board, unlike regular cardstock, is at least 2 ply.

    I use it regularly: my BB of choice is Strathmore 110# Bristol Smooth.It comes in pads. Any art supply store will have this. Otherwise, you can order it online from Mr Art or similar.

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    Different weights, and so different thicknesses, acccording to the weight considered. I checked that three years ago when visiting a store, measuring stacks of sheets to get a measurement as accurate as possible of the thickness. Sheets with 125g/sqm are exactly 0.125 mm thick and so on, with all the different sheets I could see, ranging from 125 g/sqm to 500 g/sqm. ( 125g- 180g-200g-250g-350g and 500g) . So the following thicknesses are 0.125mm- 0.180mm-0.2mm-0.35mm and 0.5mm.
    Careful, this is only for bristol-type cardboard, others vary, and as I considered Epson or HP papers for example, I don't remember which one, thickness indicated is bigger: 190g/sqm was 0.230 mm thick.
    It is hard to paint with watercolors on bristol paper, as the water sleeps on the surface a bit.
    Bristol is strong, I use it to build flying paper planes for example since I am addicted to that hobby.
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    Thank you people, with your help I now understand what is Bristol paper.

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