What in the devil is DCS!?

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by YmeBP, Dec 17, 2006.

  1. YmeBP

    YmeBP Member

    O.k. so i've done my research, bought some books, readup lurked in teh forums and come to the decision that i want a digitrax super empire builder dcc system (or super chief if i can get one used).

    But i was poking around somewhere and i came accross a listing for the MTH DCS system. What is DCS, and why is it "better" than dcc? The gear looks about the same price range as the digitrax stuff.

    Is this a vendor's attempt at making dcc proprietary?
  2. oldtanker

    oldtanker Member

    From what I got from a quick search is the it is what MTH is calling their DCC system.

  3. UP SD40-2

    UP SD40-2 Senior Member

    MTH made and patented DCS, if i remember right it is for the larger scales, like O scale. is it better then DCC? this is PURELY A MATTER OF OPINION;). there are some that love it, others don't. i am sorry i don't know much about DCS:oops:, perhaps those that do will chime in on this thread:thumb:. i have NO intentions of getting it;), but i would like to know more about it:D.

    :D -Deano
  4. YmeBP

    YmeBP Member

    I did a search on this forum and google for it, and based on what i've read so far they can keep their dcs :). It seems to be an attempt to lock people into one system and trian setup. I hate proprietary stuff. I like being able to buy from multiple manufacturers and mix and match w/o worry.

    So i'll stick w/ the digitrax as the feedback from folks all through out the forums has been mostly good.

    Thanks for the quick reply.
  5. NYNH&H

    NYNH&H Member

    From what I understand, it is a competitor for TMCC for Lionel/ 3 rail O. There is one loco in HO for it, HO is pretty much DCC or DC, not DCS. Some people hate MTH, not sure what the whole deal is with them and patenting and something.
  6. pgandw

    pgandw Active Member

    The MTH HO K4 Pacific will run on DC, DCC, or DCS. According to the tests and reports, it has a very low top speed on 12 V DC, and really needs 16 V to work properly on DC. The tests said it did quite well on DCC and DCS.

    DCS is a proprietary command and sound control system, with design and manufacturing rights owned by MTH. It has some features that TMCC - the Lionel system - does not, but is not totally compatible with either DCC or TMCC. MTH apparently claims a patent for using emf to regulate speed in scale 1 MPH increments, so that no DCC or TMCC manufacturer can use that particular feature. There are also some sound features that are unique to DCS, particularly in how they are controlled.

    In 3 rail O, if you want to run both MTH Protosounds and Lionel and other makes of TMCC locos, you will need some of both DCS and TMCC equipment.

    In the 2 rail scales, the DCC is the dominant form of digital command control. The signal and power specification going between the command station and the locomotives is an NMRA spec so that all DCC decoders will work with all makes of command station and control equipment. However, the control signalling between the throttles and command station is allowed to be proprietary, so that one manufacturer's throttles will not work with another's command station.

    To date, you cannot buy DCS decoders separately. You must buy an MTH locomotive with DCS installed. And you have to buy DCS control equipment from MTH to take advantage of the DCS features.

    my thoughts, your choices
  7. YmeBP

    YmeBP Member

    What you've said further cements my decision to stick w/ digitrax. I've been lobbying the apropriations committee at home to add my dcc stuff to the hobby budget for the 2007 skyersfamily congressional hearings :). haahhaha.
  8. Quinn222

    Quinn222 Member

    I can vouch for this. I have this loco (it's fantastic) and it did run very slowly on DC. Just moved it to DCC this week and it's running way faster (as fast as I'd ever want it to) and of course I now have access to a multitude of sounds effects where only a few worked on DC. I looked at DCS for about five minutes but don't want to get into something proprietary. MTH says their DCS system will also run DCC but I ended up with DCC.
  9. YmeBP

    YmeBP Member

    Thanks :), i've been doing more reading and i think i'm going to go for the super empire builder or the super chief. I wonder what the warranties on those things are?

    Are they pretty reliable?
  10. NYNH&H

    NYNH&H Member

    The Empire Builder is a bad set, as it does not have a full command station with a programming track, or full functions. It is really just an expansion set for the Chief, even though it technically can run on its own as a system. Get the Chief or the Zephyr, whichever one suits your needs better. They generally can be fixed by a system reset or a new battery, but if not, you can send the stuff back to Norcross, and it will be fixed for not to much $$$$.

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