What I miss most....

Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by cgutzmer, May 18, 2007.

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  1. SCEtoAux

    SCEtoAux Member

    It is the two small wings at the front of an aircraft.
  2. paulhbell

    paulhbell Guest

    A canard is extra small wings in front of the main wing as on the eurofighter. In a way they replace the rear tail wings and the provide better rates of turn. I think.

    Sorry. the other guys beat me to it.
  3. Rick Thomson

    Rick Thomson Member

    Also french for duck I think.
  4. rmks2000

    rmks2000 Member

    Fiddlers Green has a model of the German scissor wing - a wing on top and bottom of the fuselage.
  5. damraska

    damraska Member

    I've seen this happen on a few forums--after reaching some undefined critical mass, things start to fly apart. It becomes impossible to keep up with all the posts. The general level of courteousness declines as membership climbs and people do not know one another. Clusters of people start to break off and start new groups.

    Whenever people with diverse viewpoints start communicating, debates and arguments will happen. The few people who like debates and arguments will assert everything is okay. A large group of people will just ignore it, as long as the noise level stays below a certain level. The largest group will complain about (or silently bemoan) the noise--it interferes with the quiet, pleasant restaurant setting.

    I do not like censorship, because I think topics like copyright law should and need to get thrashed out, but I also understand that most people do not want to listen (read). Arguments just happen. Perhaps debates and arguments, wherever they start, could be moved by moderators into a forum specifically for the purpose (like Arguments and Debates).

  6. FredZ KSAC

    FredZ KSAC Member

    The biplane with the jet underneath was most likely Jimmy Franklin's Waco. Sadly, Jimmy is no longer with us. There is a new turbo prop biplane, slightly larger than a Pitts Special that is just starting testing. This thing has a 1.5 to 1 thrust to weight ratio! Should be able to stop while hanging verticle and then accelerate up! Should be interesting.
  7. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    stop while hanging verticle.
    Now that's something I want to see!

    As far as canard is concerned, I just bought Orlik's XF-85 Goblin

    Does this qualify for what you call, canard?
    It is definitely a strange wing setup.

  8. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    Canards are good with orange sauce... :-D
  9. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    Good with orange sauce?
    OK, Ekuth, you lost me on that one!

  10. 72BMWR75/5

    72BMWR75/5 Member


    Let's all go hunt canards with petards.
  11. paperbeam

    paperbeam Member

  12. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    I've always wanted to hoist a canard by thier petard...
  13. -Jim G

    -Jim G Member

    I have an idea that might help settle this forum down... How about if we start discussing Religion and Politics instead of paper modelling?

    Paper models are apparently too volatile to discuss in a civil manner
  14. Rick Thomson

    Rick Thomson Member

    Spew alert next time please Jim...

    Beer all over the keyboard and screen again...
  15. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    It's hard to phrase an opinion without bruising egos in text. What put me over the top is the fact that someone had the ignorance to think that designers can pump out models with a one button push and that those models are supposed to hit the net with no strings attached. Then the same SOMEONE decided to insult us further which only could do one thing... incense me further. No doubt this was sullyman22 from Ebay who had his DVDs of models shut down by our vigilance or I could be wrong. You may think it's bad to fire back insults (which we shouldn't do yes...) but what I saw was a community of solidarity.

    We have talent and knowledge here. To take it for granted would be a bad thing. For me ... I will be building more now, designing less and releasing even less than that. My last piece was without a doubt THE most fun I had creating a design and all from another member's wishes. I dont want to see that kind of fun go out the door.
  16. eatcrow2

    eatcrow2 Member

    What I miss most....... Opening beers with a "church key"...;-)
  17. Rev

    Rev Member

    Keep up the good work.

    I still look forward to this forum, reading the modelers plans and trying to develop something we can make out of paper.

    I also like reading and watching the builds, they are awesome.

    I don't mind that some people need to stick in their two cents and even be a little obnoxious.

    I don't even mind when someone demands our attention and tells the world they won't be back.

    I open a thread, read a little and if I don't like it, I close it and go on to something better. There is a lot that is a lot better.

    When I am watching tv and the dad begins to yell at the son, even though I just want to watch them build a motorcycle, I turn the sound down or I change the channel.

    If I was moderating, I am sure that I would have to take a different tack, but I am just an enjoyer of this awesome site.

    One small idea though, any chance you might be able to put all the builds in one section and then give us a button on the top to see all of the builds and pick and choose between them.

    Thanks, keep up the good work!
  18. Jaybats

    Jaybats Member

    i've tried to keep out of this topic, but some things said were really eating me. let me just unload it all so i can move on:

    1. the flare-up is something that happens often on these kinds of boards. so i don't think people should be worried that it happened here, only once thus far as far as i can tell.

    2. that post about if people were actually in a room they'd all be bleeding for causing disrespect to someone calling himself a "Real American" as if it were some omni-privileged status does not say anything good about either the person or his country. fortunately i know this is not a representative sample. the thread that preceded it, where you could see that all he really wanted was to have the last word, and the new thread he started just to get people's attention was plain and simple BULLYING. the 2nd thread was reeking with such bigotry, intolerance, and self-centeredness that i am glad that the thread was deleted.

    3. in the future, the best response to this kind of baiting is to simply ignore it. it's all about seeking attention, so by denying attention the perpetrator just doesn't get the satisfaction.

    4. people come and go, visibly and invisibly, to these boards. so i don't think anyone should be worried about seeing people leave, for whatever reason. we'd rather that they not leave loudly with parting shots and sour grapes, but then that's life.

    5. moderators do have authority over these boards, that's what they are there for. so if they have to lock down on a thread in order for good reason, then non-mods have to respect that authority.

    6. copyright infringement is indeed a serious and complex topic, and there are layers to this issue that most people still don't understand. since this hobby is centered around media that is most easily transferred and infringed, then is rightly something that should be talked about. and people taking action to ensure that everyone has some awareness of the issue is really a sign of responsibility.

    7. this board is about sharing and connecting. that's why i joined it, and why i announce releases on it. i don't think we should lose sight of that despite an unpleasant event having taken place.
  19. damraska

    damraska Member

    I concur on all points.

    I would add one more thing: if you like the board and want to keep it in good shape, do not leave when things go a bit wonky, fight for it! How do you do that? By posting good content. Make it better. Start a new build thread. Take a completed model off the shelf and post a review on it. Take a model you just bought and post a review of it. Design the thing you always wanted to see in card model form and share it with everyone. If you see a great build, chime in and say, "good job!" Build something by a designer on the board and let everyone see the results. If you need help or want to know how something was done, ask.

    And design and build lots of jets.

    All of these things will make the board a better place for everyone.

  20. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Thanks Doug, spot on.
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