What Happened To The De Havilland Comet Project?

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Bionic Modeler, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. Am I lost or did that thread disappear? I looked everywher and it is gone.
  2. MAJOR

    MAJOR Member

    I do think you may be lost, wandering for all eternity unless pointed in the right direction. http://forum.zealot.com/t155289/ is where you'll find the Nimrod project:twisted:, er' i mean the comet.:rolleyes:
    (I'm trying to wait pacently for Lex to complete it.)
  3. MAJOR

    MAJOR Member

    I do belive you found it !
  4. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    Very sorry guys I was too busy with academic stuff so no progress on the Comet recently... Term ends the week after next and hopefully I'll get something done ^^

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