what glue?

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    I am now using Aleene's Tacky Glue. You get it at Walmart, Fred Meyer, Michael's, Joann's, and most any other craft stores.
    I have found that if you have something that you can use as a small glue pot and use a toothpick (or small pick) to apply the glue (less is more), you will do well.
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    Nero just to let you know I giggle every time I see your avatar. Reminds me of an old cartoon that had a bulldog and chihuahua and the chihuahua was always bouncing up and down and around the bulldog.. :)
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    Spike and Chester!! :)
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    I get very enthusiastic over a lot of things, so I thought this would be the best representation for my reaction to finding awesome models, finishing builds or reading interesting stuff online :fireguy:
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