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  1. Illus

    Illus Member

    OK, so I am new to this and just got my first model, the New River Mining Company. Anyone have any glue brand suggestions or favorites? Is Testors fine, or is there a certain brand everyone likes that I should know about?
    Thanks for all the great info.
  2. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    What is it made from?

    Plastic kits can be assembled with the "airplane" glue type cement. Another option is the solvent type "glues" that actually melt the plastic. These are quite toxic and should be used with good ventilation.

    Wood - white or yellow glue, or CA (crazy glue type "instant" glues)

    Resin - CA

    Metal - contact cement (e.g. Walthers Goo) or solder

    Hope that helps.

  3. KCS

    KCS Member

    There's a bottle type glue that has an orange lable and I can't remember the name of it for the life of me but it's good stuff. It melts the plastic to where it bonds joints really well. I've used it for a long time but not over the last couple months because I've been out and I have to order it out of Dallas, TX sense our LHS closed up.
  4. Knighthawk

    Knighthawk Member

    I usually use "Flash", a CA type of glue made by NHP corp.:thumb: Testors is OK, although I've found that the non-toxic stuff in the blue tube doesn't bond at all.:cry:
  5. Illus

    Illus Member

    The model I got is a Cornerstone one made from Styrene.
    I went to the LHS and picked up a tube of Plastruct Plastic Weld. Says it works on ABS, Styrene, Butyrate, and Acrylic.
    It has an orange label, this might be the one you are referring to Charles.

    What is CA?
  6. JAyers

    JAyers Member

    Super glue. Get it in the runny liquid form or my favorite, Gel. Also comes in other varieties, with longer open work times. I personally have used only super glue so far, in my adult modeling endeavors. I never liked testors model glue.
  7. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    Plastruct Plastic Weld is great stuff, and it will work on almost all plastics. The Testers liquid will work on styrene, but not on ABS.
  8. Play-Doh

    Play-Doh Member

    I use super glue that is manufactured by my LHS. Whats cool about it is that they offer it in three different thicknesses....which is great for filling gaps when needed. You might check if your LHS does the same.
  9. liven_letdie

    liven_letdie Member

    Hello, I use a variety of glues depending upon the situation.

    CA=Cyanoacrylate=Super Glue. Can be had at Staples at three tubes for a dollar on sale. Usually you only get 1-5 chances of using the tube though so make them count! Also, plane/rc hobby shops have all sorts of fancy CA glues now in gel form, runny form, long and short bond times etc. One thing to be very careful with CA, some of the glues frost white when using them so be careful in visible area of a model or when trying to glue window glazing in.

    White glue/wood glue lots of applications for a variety of materials including wood/paper.

    Hot glue gun, useful sometimes.

    Testors makes a traingular shaped bottle of plastic cement with a pointed tip. It works much better than the old tube style.

    Rubber cement, bad for gluing stuff but good for peeling paint effects.

    Contact cement and spray cement, good for many uses.

    When nothing else works, gorilla glue. The best glue for that "need the biggest hammer you can get" job. It will bond anything, fills gaps and is waterproof. I love this stuff. Good for gluing metal kits, and going between substance types like metal to plastic.

    I think thats about it.:) So much glue so little time sign1

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