What does your first locomotive look like?

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by MilesWestern, Dec 20, 2005.

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    Well, ALL of my 6 engines are firsts for me!:mrgreen: Lets see here....

    My VERY first model engine, CNW 4056, a P1K F3 from a few years back. She's been around almost a decade, but she's still dedicated to her work!:mrgreen:

    My first self-bought engine, CNW RS-32 #4242, an Atlas Trainman, and my smoothest runner:thumb:.

    My first 'weathered' engine, Conrail B23-7 #1992, a Bachmann no less. I aquired her at a meeting of my local NMRA division about weathering with makeup (so you can probably guess how I weathered 1992:p). The speaker, Matt Snell, even brought some junk stuff for others to practice on, and he let me keep the engine I was experimenting on, #1992, which was at the time, missing a few details. (most of those have been replaced by now.)

    My first P2K model, CN FA2 # 6750. She's really fun to run about on my layout, especialy when in an A-A consist with #4056:mrgreen:

    My first engine to be equiped with DCC, C&O BL2 #1845, also a P2K, found alongside my PA2, and bought at the same price as my FA2: $10. This engine was not my first P2K due to it's need for repairs and the offer of the guys at the LHS to fix it for me at no cost, plus even adding DCC compatability for free, too!:mrgreen: 1845 still suffers from occasional minor electrical connection interuption, but she's still a good runner when you open the throttle!:drag1:

    My first 'free', first custom painted, and first rebuilt locomotive, Riverside RR #1116, one of the infamous Athearn Hustlers. I aquired 1116 before #1992, but I've organized the introductions of my locomotives to the order they entered 'service', and 1116 was only recently pressed into service. Anyways, I first encountered 1116 as a dissasembled bunch of parts (some missing or needing repair) in a sandwich bag in the junk box of an LHS in San Fransisco. The owner of the shop was very nice, and gave me the engine free along with some old tyco cars (those are is storage awaiting modifications). I only found out the Hustler's problems after I got home, but I see it as a good first experience in locomotive repair. Anyways, 1116 is still a bit jumpy (it wouldn't win any of the Hustler Dashes), but the foward gear is pretty smooth, and it can haul EVERY peice of rolling stock I own (and almost all of them are at least twice its size!)
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    I don't have my first locomotive anymore. It was an O scale Lionel F7 A-A set that I got for Christmas in 1964. My second Locomotive was a Marx O scale E unit that I got in 1965. After that, I went to HO.

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