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  1. Today I spotted a sign by a track and was curious as to what it meant.
    At a spur that runs into a small grain elevator, just as the track passes under the loading chute (which is under cover) there is a stop sign (highway style) and under the word STOP it says "dismount". This is clearly for the track and not vehicles.
    Any ideas.
  2. Diesel John

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    This is only a guess, all movement of locomotives when in sidings or yards must have a man on the point of direction, I assume once there lined for the loading chute the sign would indicate to detrain thus preventing grain from spilling over the individual on the head end.

    Again.....only a guess
  3. DanRaitz

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    I'll say that the sign means that is not enough clearance between the sides of the car and the opening. So if the brakeman happens to be riding on the side ladder, he had better get off or be knocked off.

  4. Diesel John

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    Work's for me!, Mine was a guess
  5. brakie

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    That means the Conductor or brakeman riding on the side of the car must get off due to close clearance between the car and building.
  6. thanks, makes sense.

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