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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by CNWfan, Oct 31, 2004.

  1. CNWfan

    CNWfan New Member

    This is my first attempt at detailing a TOFC as seen in the Sep/Oct N-Scale Railroading article. Any comments or suggestins before I start in on the rest of the intermodal fleet ?

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  2. sschaer

    sschaer Member

    looks like you used a brush to do the weathering. i'm sorry but on the left side the rusty streaks look a bit too heavy/thick. you might try to use chalk or powder instead. imho this gives finer streaks...

    but of course this is only my opinion.

    btw, nice weathering on the car. especially the rusty axles.
  3. brakie

    brakie Active Member

    Food for thought ONLY..
    For the last 16 years I been unloading trailers for a living.I am a forklift operator..Sorry the only rust you will find is usually around the bottom of the doors and the bottom of the nose of the trailer...Now a shipper can refuse to load a trailer IF it does not meet safety standards including being to rusty.I would refuse to load/ unload that B&O trailer because due to the rust it looks unsafe.My argument would be if the body is badly rusted what shape is the floor and frame in?

    Now,if that trailer pleases you go fer it! :thumb:
  4. CNWfan

    CNWfan New Member

    SSCHAER, I did use brushes on everything, and you are right, it does look too heavy on the trailer. Oddly enough, it does not look near as heavy to the naked eye, the picture seems to emphasize it. Have to work on it a little.
    brakie, thanks for the input...guess thats why the trailer looks over done, 'cause you would never see one that beat up.
  5. Gavin Miller

    Gavin Miller Member


    Although I would not regard myself as any expert in the field, I thought I'd give you a link to some photos of my TOFCs which were airbrushed (soot at the front to represent exhaust stains from the prime movers and dust/grime above the wheels to represent road dust).


    I like your model, car and trailer. You have done a great job. However I would always listen to advice from guys like brakie who work in the industry.

  6. CNWfan

    CNWfan New Member

    NICE Gavin,

    I have been thinking about trying to use an airbrush, the look you have there - on the containers also - is exactly what I was trying to get done.

    I will be trying some more and trying to incorporate both your and brakie's suggestions. I need to get it right before I start on all the C&NW TOFC's I have to do.
  7. fifer

    fifer Active Member

    CNWfan , I hope you took the above as constructive and I say nothing ventured nothing gained and I think it looks real good for the first try out of the chute!
    Keep trying and go with what looks good to you! :thumb: :wave:

  8. CNWfan

    CNWfan New Member

    I certainly did take it as positive suggestions. I'll get better, have 35 or so more to practice on

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