What do you think of the Slot Car commercial......?

Discussion in 'Slot Racing & Clubs' started by hghostinme, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. hghostinme

    hghostinme New Member

    Best Nascar commercial i think i have ever seen ...Brings back memories...when everyone wanted a slot car track Race set .

    What do you think ?
  2. mattywins

    mattywins New Member

    have not seen that one yet
  3. somethingtrinity

    somethingtrinity New Member

    I have not seen that commercial, but I do remember buying my son slot cars.
  4. greenbean

    greenbean New Member

    me neither? i'll keeps my eyes out for it though!
  5. fluffy

    fluffy New Member

    I didn't get it. It was too sentimental. It wasn't funny...
  6. Tom G

    Tom G New Member

    I love it, I'd love to have that set. The best is with Brad Kesolowski and Clint Bowyer. I love the ESPN commentary to go along with it. As far as the dreaded commercials go, those are good ones. I like the "Classic Racing" slogan for the Nationwide Series. The best commercial though is the remote control Gibbs cars. Hillarious.
  7. Ed P

    Ed P New Member

    I agree 100% It is the best Commercial thats been out lately!!!!!
  8. leterbuckchill

    leterbuckchill New Member

    I haven't seen it either :( But I do enjoy the remote control one. Way funny. I'll actually watch that commercial. Will have to look for the slot car one. If it's sentimental, you know I'll be bawling.

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