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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Railery, Jan 30, 2001.

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    Hi Jim n Rose, my trestle is straight as my hair [​IMG] Did not curve it. The second picture posted is a trestle built by Shamus. You can purchase a plastic curved trestle bridge. i wouldn't advise anyone to try and build a curve one out of a straight one. But to curve the plastic i would use a hairblower for heat and a jig to mold it into. The hairblower works good in softening up the plastic on gondola cars to put dents in. i mold the dents with my finger.

    Hi Shamus, thanks for the info on the water. i will be trying it, but i think i will practice first. Me and water falls don't get along. i can do rivers, slews, harbors and bogs but not water falls.
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    Railery, thanks again for the info on the timber trestle. Your phot implies the track is on a curve but the Walthers catalog shows a straight section. Is your's on a curve and if so did you heat the upper section to comply to the track curve? I'm still in awe on every detail that comprises the fantastic photo. You surely set the standards very high for newcomers like me. Thanks again for sharing your work. Jim

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    Hi Railery
    When the waterfall area was completed, and ready to make a start on the water, here's how I went about it.
    Using car glass fiber (2 part epoxy) I ran some from the top, at the base was a well to catch the overflow. When this had dried, I did it 3 more times. When hard, I put in some cotton wool "stringy", and brushed some more glass fiber onto it, at the water fall end, I kept on brushing more G.F. and when it was dry, I used a sharp knife, stroking the glass until the wasn't a spare bit of glass F. that hadn't been gone over with the knife.
    That's it friend
    That photo above your post is of my old N-scale railroad, railery re-posted it.

    Railery, here's some more water done with High Glass Yacht Varnish

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    Hi Railery
    That trestle in the above photo is scratchbuilt - almost 9' long curved on a 3% grade. The middle of it is 14" high.

    The N-scale one was a kit . Comes with straight or curved top.
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    Hello All:

    It is the opion of this model railroader that we like playing "God." It seems to me that we like to build our own little world in a certain part of history.

    Some like the steam eara. Some like the modern approach. Me??? I LIKE IT ALL! [​IMG]

    I grew up in the age when the railroads are not the main source of transportation. I listen to my Dad telling me stories about the weekend tripes he and his family to to Chicago on the Rock Island Line when he was a little boy. When I was little. My Grandpa talked about being an engineer for the Southern Raiload at the age of 17. Then his railroad duties in Europe during World War II.

    I did a history report in 8th Grade about the American History of it's Railroads. Got an "A"!!!

    The 1st trainset I got when I was 6. A B.O. train by Tyco. When I was 10, I got a Rock Island trainset by Lionel. When I was little my favorit part was getting up the track and running the train at night. I guess I never grew up! I still do it! [​IMG]

    All the best,
  6. Railery

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    Hi everyone.
    Shamus nice scratch building. i'm not much for building out out wood. Probably goes back to when i built my first balsa wood plane, and i found it very difficult [​IMG] i found more pleasure building in plastic.

    Andy i love trains and model trains. i could sit in a car all day and watch the trains go by at a crossing or go to a model train exhibit and watch the trains run. My railroad is my little train empire. And when i run my trains i feel good all over. i also get enjoyment from the other branches of the hobby. The mags, videos, computer, and the social aspect. Am i ever thankfull to be able to enjoy it all [​IMG]

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