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    What do you call the very front of the steam locomotive? You know the part with the headlight? Is it the boiler backhead? And is there a thread somewhere that covers and defines model railroading nomenclature? Like what is a:
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    I'm not sure what the name for the front surface is, but the cylindrical body of a steam engine isn't all boiler. The front section is the smokebox. Look at a picture of a Union Pacific Big Boy or Challenger - the smokebox is gray while the boiler is black.
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    what you refering to is the smoke box front and some of the later steamers had a small access door in the front cover. also the smoke box front on some locomotives was hinged itself.as to a thread covering that i don't know but i belive that the Model railroaders encyclopedia has one. also the older locomotive cyclopedia up to the 1952 edition have a Dictionary of locomotive terms for steam in them.
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    The "Train Shed Cyclopedia" Vol. 22, refers to the section of the boiler beneath the smoke stack as the "smokebox", and its front end as the "smokebox cover".

    Gus (LC&P).
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    The backhead is the other end of the boiler, I think we use it to refer to the bit of the firebox that is in the cab, with all the controls and gauges and stuff hung from it.
    I think we should start a thread of definitions -- and possibly translations.

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