What do you all think of the Proto 2000 products ?

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by vanda32547, Sep 25, 2005.

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    What do you all think of the Proto 2000 series of DCC diesels? I am thinking of buying a DCC with sound Sante Fe E6 A & B unit and wondered if any of you have any experience with the Proto 2000 DCC units? How do they run? Are they reliable? Do they run quiet or noisy? I am using the MRC Prodogy Advance DCC system on my layout.

    As a secondary question when were the Sante Fe E6's introduced, manufactured and by whom?

    Thanks in advance for any info you may provide,
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    Hi Bob

    I can't help on the Proto's, I have read the are real good locos though. The second part I can help. The SF E6 were built between 40 and 41 they were built by EMC/GE also heres a link with more info. Hopes this helps.http://www.awrr.com/sfdiesels.html
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    Thanks for the E6 info. Since I am modelling 1945-1955 these will fit in just fine.

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    I got a P2K GP-9 with the QSI sound. I run it on DC, but it is great. It is smooth, and I think fairly powerful. It easily pulled 7 cars up a 2%+ grade.

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    I have 2 Proto 2000 GP9's (1 sound / 1 without) and I love them. Quiet and smooth. I have seen Proto E- series units run and they seem good as well. I was at my uncle's club and saw a Proto CB&Q right next to a Broadway E CB&Q. I liked the Broadway better as it had sound (I am assuming the Proto's you can get w/ QSI sound as well) but it also had, IMO, a better mars light on the front (As I said, these were CB&Q, I have no clue if Santa Fe used mars lights on theirs).
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    Thanks for all the input...

    Thanks for all the input.

    I ordered mine yesterday and paid about $175 for a Sante Fe E6 A&B DCC set with sound and am looking forward to seeing and hearing it. :D

    Think I got a good deal since I paid a lot more for my BLI Locomotive last year.


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