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  1. shamus

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    Three young brothers had saved $10 each to buy a second hand locomotive.
    They arrive at the shop and see one on the shelf,
    Behind the counter is a young girl serving as the owner of the shop, is out.
    The brothers ask, “How much is that loco on the shelf” she replies “$30”
    The brothers hand over the $30 they had saved between them and leave the shop with the loco. At the same time, the owner arrives back and seeing that the loco is missing from the shelf, asks the girl how much she had sold it for, she states $30.
    The owner says, “Oh dear, it was only $25, run after them and give them $5 back”.
    Out runs the girl with the $5. On nearing the brothers, she has a brainwave, and thinks to herself, “I’ll keep $2 and give the brothers $1 each back.”
    This she does, but here is the problem. The brothers have now paid only $9 each for the loco, 3*9= $27 plus the $2 in the girls handbag, where has the other $1 gone……………………….
  2. jimnrose

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    The brothers paid $9 each (10-1).The owner received $25 & the clerk $2. (9x3=25+2)
    This is a good story to show that an equation is always balances when the facts are properly postioned.
    It's easier to figure this out than, how Shamus can put together some material, coloring and photography to create master-
    pieces. Thanks again, Jim
  3. Dave Harris

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    Shamus , it's usually the bellman who keeps the 2 dollars, creating the conundrum. however there is really no missing money , the brothers have 3 the girl 2,the shopkeeper 25. 3+2+25 =30. It's all in the presentation, My ex wife would stumble on that one every time , even after being told how it worked, wait 3 months, tell her again , she would be stumped.

    L V Dave
  4. Virginian

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    beats the hell out of me...but here's my wife's figuring:

    Collected: Paid for Got Gave Had
    (each) train: $5.00 back: left:
    (25/3) Back:

    10.00 8.33333 1.6667 1.00 .6667
    10.00 8.33333 1.6667 1.00 .6667
    10.00 8.33333 1.6667 1.00 .6667
    30.00 25.00 5.00 3.00 2.00

    Does this help?
    (the above formula got 'gobbeldeegooked'when it posted...so ...yet another puzzle)
    (still beats the hell out of me) [​IMG]

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  5. George

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    If the engine was a Bachmann, don't worry.


  6. Voice

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    Gee, it appears that someone has held a government budget position, with math like that!!!

  7. cidchase

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    bump :D :D It's still funny
  8. Cannonball

    Cannonball More Trains Than Brains

    Taxes. :p :D
  9. Fasttracken

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    there was 3 brothers

    9.00 Each X 3 =27.00

    each boy got a 1.00 back

    girl keeps 2.00


  10. scubadude

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    Uh.......let's see, umm...
  11. Ralph

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    Just goes to show that any thread can make a come back!
  12. Cannonball

    Cannonball More Trains Than Brains

    Especially in the O gauge forum lately. :D
  13. cidchase

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    Ya, now somebody needs to go find The Box!!! I've been missing it...:D
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    More like bringing a topic out of retirement..sign1

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