What can i use to mobel rebar

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by CAS, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. sputnik

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    You can find thin wire like that in other places without having to gut a new mouse for it. You can get "magnet wire" from Walthers. Alot of very cheap stereo and video cables (with RCA plugs), like the kind you get in the box with a new DVD player, has thin stranded wires. Wires from an old palm pilot syncing cradle. Most old, broken pieces of electronics have wires like that in or attached.

    I would suggest that you make sure that the rebar and concrete colors contrast enough that they are noticeable. Even if the aren't quite to scale, it's the effect your after.

  2. Oroka

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    What about a thin, low test fishing line? I have seen rebar in sidewalks, exp areas that have a big problem with the ground heaving from frost. that way, even if the concrete breaks, the rebar will bend and hold the sidewalk together.

    As for a spell check with Firefox, you can install the Google Toolbar which has a spell check that will work in any input box on any webpage.
  3. Clerk

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    Telephone wire??
  4. loggerhead

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    You can pick up various grades of steel leader at a fishing supply store, I've used this for various model railroading projects. A great source of real thin wire is from speaker wire, just remove the insulation and you have very fine wires to work with, and a roll is pretty cheap.
  5. biker_ray_pa

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    take a pipe cleaner and use a lighter to burn the fur off of it. What's left has the sort of "serrated" look of rebar. Might still be too big for N scale, though.

  6. cidchase

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    43 mesh, 0.005" wire screen
    would simulate (N scale) 3/4" rebar on a 3.7" grid which is too big and too small but
    it might look ok in the sidewalk forms. They will send you a 3" x 3" sample (1600 sq ft
    in N scale) for $8. You might possibly be able to blacken it or acid-etch it down finer.
    They have finer screens with smaller wire (0.003" would be 1/2" rebar) , and if you have
    much patience you could spread the strands on a small section like a sidewalk to a scale
    grid of 4" or so. You might also be able to pull out strands on a small section to get
    the grid size you need (again, much patience and dexterity.) I'm glad it's you and not me!!
    :D :D :D

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