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    Is there a tell all book for DCC? I was led to belive you did not need a lot of block wiring with DCC. Sooo I put only 3 blocks in my mainlines. Hooked up some jumpers to a reg. transformer and away we went. Atlas masters ran great. Hook up Diditrax-runs great. Now the problem. I 'm reading about how to hook up bus bar and feeders and see bus bar should be max.25-30 . My walkaround layout is 135'around. Help!!!!
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    THey are probably talking about power districts. Its true, you don't need blockwireidng, but on a big layout its useful in case something goes wrong. it acts as a a circuit breaker and will only shut down its portion of track.

    it also delivers more power to the far ends of the layout. unfortuneately i don't know much about them either. i know i have an article on them in one of my older model railroaders.
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    Some people recommend the DCC book from kalmbach (model railroader/trains). I read that book and didn't really find it useful. It was kinda too basic. You can see if your local library has it before you would buy it (but it is only like 15 bucks anyway). I don't know if there are other books.

    Instead, I would recommend reading 2 excellent websites:

    Tony's DCC-- http://www.tonysdcc.com/tonystips/dccprimer/index.htm
    Wiring for DCC -- http://www.wiringfordcc.com


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