What are you building now???

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by gera, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. NYC Irish

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    Im really enjoying a great kit, Digital Navy's Yamato...Its a surprsingly easy kit and a big guy too. Only thing i I wish I had made it a waterline kit...I suck at the lower hull

    Top Marks Roman

    John John
  2. FlintknapperGene

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    ---Also enjoying a great DN kit, OSLABYA, and since there's already been a wonderful build thread I have little to sharebut maybe a trick now and then. Oh well
  3. doc_harvey

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    Just finished the TIE "MFP" Fighter from lhvcc...it was a great build and turned out pretty good....gave it to my neighbor (BIG Star Wars fan)...working on the Huey, Dewie and Louie drones from "Silent Running" right now and am almost finished....next project is going to be the dropships from "Aliens"....very excited about it!
  4. jcrespo

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    Bavarian S 3/6

    I'm currently working on building CFM Verlag's Bavarian S 3/6 Steam Locomotive. Since I got no replies to request for information (schematics, drawings or photos of locomotive frame) I am haing to guess how the structure is actually fabricated. Anyhow, as promised, I will start a thread on the build soon.
  5. cecil_severs

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  6. Boris

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    Hi all!
    For now I'm building the DeHaviland MkIV Mosquito FB Mk IV. Of course, repainted, in late 1944 three color camo with D-Day invasion strips

    Hope to finish it soon :)
  7. Bikerpete

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    After a small break due to a couple of lousy build efforts I'm trying again with a 1:50 Kartonowy Swiat P40 Kittyhawk. I hope this one goes o.k....a small part count should help me get close to finishing something.

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