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  1. dmiller12

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    March 2006 issue of MR. Pages 48-49

    What are the numerous pipes hanging on what looks to be two yardarms above the steam locomotive for? I have seen these in photos before but never knew what they were for.

    Thanks! Dan
  2. mhdishere

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    I don't have the issue with me, but from your description it sounds like a telltale. This was a boom over the tracks with ropes, chains or tubes connected by chains hanging over the track. Back in the days when railroaders might ride on top of a car, these things would alert them to the fact that they were approaching a bridge, tunnel, or something else with low clearance so if they got hit by the ropes they'd better get low right now or they'd get scraped off the top of the car.
  3. Ralph

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    Good call mhdishere! I just checked the issue and that is indeed what Dan is describing.
  4. dmiller12

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    Thank you both! I really appreciate it! Happy Railroading!


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