What are some good Tyco/Mattel Radio Controlled Cars that do cool stunts?

Discussion in 'Slot Cars General' started by Un Known, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. Un Known

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    I'm looking for a a good Radio-Controlled Car that can do flips, spins, jumps, etc.

    I've seen many Tyco R/C commercials with very cool cars, but I forogt the names of the cars.

    Examples would be like Tyco Air Rebound, Tyco Tantrum, Tyco Stuntsters, Tyco RollCage.

    I know there are a lot more but I don't know their names. Can anybody tell me some R/C cars that do cool stunts, preferebly under $40.

  2. Dayna B

    Dayna B New Member

  3. sewordz

    sewordz New Member

    well, i dont know what model u talking bout' but u can always check at this site...

    it has a lot tyco model...

    even me myself getting excited at buying those...



  4. coolmandarek

    coolmandarek New Member

    i dont know many but i got a truck called a crashback that hits somthing and shortens and then goes back to normal so you can crash it again hope thaty helps alittle

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