What are some good rc airplane for beginners?

Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by treetop84, May 2, 2008.

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    Also try to give a website?
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    The best practice while beginning to fly r/c airplanes is to begin with a trainer type airplane, the wing of the plane is a "high wing" design that allows for more tolerance and gives the novice better reaction times for corrections. There are many models available to start with, however I would recommend getting a .40 size RTF (Ready to Fly) package if you are starting from scratch or if you are a budget. It comes with everything you need (less flight field equipment) to get started. I would log onto to a website such as towerhobbies.com and look for one of their ultimate combo deals or any other r/c model website. Some good examples are the hobbico superstar 40, tower trainer 40, hobbico nexstar 40 just to name a few. You can also look into buying an R/C sim for your computer, they are quite helpful and are a good beginning point.
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    try a trainor thats an ARF(almost ready to fly) or go to an RC landing strip and talk to some people who know what they are doing. some of them have nice controllers that are capable to be linked with a training controller where you fly it but he can override it. you can find ARF's at http://www.captainrc.com
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    GWS Slow Stick

    Hands down - this is a very good plane to learn on. It is very slow, but also has a good power to weight ratio for a brushed motor. The first time I flew one was for my friend, I liked it so much I went right to the hobby shop and got one.You can try this link, but everyone has them.:thumb: ALL e RC - Your Hyperion Headquarters GWS SLOW STICK COMPLETE PACKAGE


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