What are my coins worth?

Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by Janet S, Jul 31, 2007.

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  1. Janet S

    Janet S New Member

    Some one woud like to purchase all my coins and wants to know what I want for them. gosh I have no idea. I have 2 silver dollars dated 1879 and 1880. I have several wheat pennies, also also 1845 one cent penney. Several others also. I just dont know what to charge him. Is there any coins that would be worth alot I should check out first. Like pennies with what date etc. I hope someone could help me. thanks
  2. sassyloader

    sassyloader New Member

    look on ebay and auction sites. i don't know much about coins but there is bound to be some thing there to help you. it's worth a try being only a few clicks away.

    hope it helps!
  3. bbooptoon1959

    bbooptoon1959 New Member

    check the wheaties for the following dates: 1909. 1914 wit ha d under the date, 1922, 1931 with an s under the date.
  4. telovelace

    telovelace New Member

    The condition of the coins and the mint marks indicating where they were made are important. For instance an 1879 dollar with a CC mint mark in like new condition is worth thousands of dollars. If if doesn't have a CC mintmark and is worn it is worth about $15, the most likely scenario. The 1880 is about the same. The 1945 penny is worth about $5 if it has seen a lot of circulation, which is likely. If it looks like new it is worth $50. The wheat backs are probably only worth about a nickel apiece. 1909SVDB, 1941D, and a few other dates are worth a lot more.
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