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Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by Willja67, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Willja67

    Willja67 Member

    Couldn't resist starting a new project, even though I said I would not. No promises though on if it will ever get finished seeing as how the XP-72 took 3 years (the instructions are pretty much done just a waiting for the test builders to go through and them).

    But here is a little teaser. No prize other than pride to the winner, and to make it a little harder I'm looking for the specific variant of the specific type of aircraft. I'm not too happy yet with the shape but even so I bet it won't take you guys long.

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  2. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Looks like a P-51 with the little scoop there, maybe a "D". I thought "H",but it's too small. I'm not sure if it's even a P-51, as it looks too small, which probably makes me wrong anyway! :)
  3. Willja67

    Willja67 Member

    Nope. Give you a hint it doesn't have a v-12 (or v anything for that matter).
  4. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Is it military?
  5. arkon

    arkon Member

    its something with a radial?
    maybe lavochkin la-5?
  6. Willja67

    Willja67 Member

    @Zathros: Yes

    @Arkon: Yes it has a radial (and it's not Russian)
  7. Eric Ferguson

    Eric Ferguson Member

    Don't know why, but it reminds me of a B-29 cowling.
  8. Willja67

    Willja67 Member

    Nope single engine.
  9. Soaring

    Soaring Middle School Student

    F4U-4? If that's right, would you consider doing the Corsair in a different livery from the usual dark bluish color? Perhaps the Olathe livery - you know, to add some nice variation?
  10. Willja67

    Willja67 Member

    You got it. F4U-4.

    I hadn't thought too much about paint schemes other than that I would do Cook Clelands Korean War aircraft, and that I will do a cannon armed version and 1 with 6 fifties. I'm guessing you mean a 2 toned grey scheme? It'll be awhile before I'm ready to start the paint process but I'll definitely keep that in mind.

    My parameters for choosing a subject is that is has to be rare and not done in paper and something that interests me. Although the F4U-4 was not really that rare it hasn't been done in paper (excluding Mareks but we don't serve the same portion of the market). And another big reason for the -4 is that there are more common elements between the Super Corsair and the -4 than there are other variants which means less work for me to design it.
  11. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Seeing that you did the Supermodified Corsair, for some reason, I put that out of my mind. This will be fun to watch! :)

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