What about Micro Engineering code 55?

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by cheapfurcoat, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. cheapfurcoat

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    Hello all.
    I am in the planning stages of a new layout. I want to use code 55 track but Atlas' design is out of the question for me. I have ordered some Micro Engineering code 55 flex track and really like the looks of it. I want to procede with the use of it but I have a few burning questions about it that maybe some of the more experienced here can answer.

    First off. Where is the best place to get the stuff from? It seems that everyone is always out of the turnouts.

    How well do these turnouts work with DCC?

    Where are the code 55 #8 turnouts? The Walthers catalog lists them, but so far that is the only reference I have found that they even exist. Or do they?

    Now for a slightly different tack;

    How well do Peco code 55 turnouts mate up with ME code 55 flex track?

    Would this be a better idea?

    Do Micro-Trains wheels work on Peco code 55 turnouts?

    I plan on placing a large order soon. Any help would be appreciated.

    Happy Holidays!
  2. txcavgr

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    Hey Warren!

    I had ME Code 70 and 55. I had a lot of problems with the turnouts failing, the points would pop off their mounts, etc. The track looks great though.

    MT wheels will go over the Peco c55 no problem. There is a way to shim peco turnouts if you have problems, their flangeways are very wide and the excess room can cause derailments. Easy fix, someone on the big board actually posted a pictorial. Its something like glueing in strips of 0.010" styrene to narrow the space.

    I mated peco c80, peco c55 and ME code 70 together, not c55. the 70 wored ok with the peco c55. A tiny bit of filing made everything fit together better.
  3. Harrumph

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    You will have no problems with MT flanges on Peco code 55 turnouts. Mating Atlas code 55 to them requires filing off a small amount of material (half the length of a joiner)on the bottom of the Peco rail, in fact the amount to be reoved is 0.080" - 0.055" =0.025".
  4. uboat

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    ME code 55 is an excellent choice for modellers who can not use Atlas c55 because of MT wheel interference. Many also believe it is more realistic looking than Atlas.

    Some complain that it is not as flexible, but in fact this is a positive - it stays bent the way you want it to and isn't too tough to work with once you get the hang of it.

    You point out that availaility is a problem - which is a valid complaint about ME track. I have found Rio Grande (4nscale.com) and N scale supply to have the most consistant domestic stock, I was just in Credit Valley Hobbies near Toronto and they had several ME turnouts in stock. Other places have them, you just have to search around a little harder than what you would for some other brands.

    ME is a small cottage industry outfit in Missouri and they fit production in between runs of their other products. Another plus about ME is that is is made in the good ole USA. They did commit at recent shows and recent advertisements to making better availability, perhaps due to the increased demand from those who cannot use Atlas track. They have aslo said they were working on a number 8 turnout which is listed in wally Worlds picture book, but keep in mind that a small outfit like ME probably doesn't have the tooling budget an Atlas would.

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