What a MESS

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Renovo PPR, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    Hang tight for a bit, maybe a looooonnnnng bit. :eek: I don't know yet, but there's still work to be done and lots of exploring to do. Mikey, myself and the mods are in the same shape and are feeling our way around. As Peter says, he's still working on things.
  2. brakie

    brakie Active Member

    What a mess! I'm lost and stumblimg through this mess..:(
  3. railroadcowgirl

    railroadcowgirl New Member

    I Hate It!

    I hate it I hate it I hate it!!!!!!! This new site is awful and I just feel the old site was shortchanged for the sake of commerce. Take something great and then wreck it. It's the American way. Next thing you know, we'll be pressing 2 for spanish!
  4. Twiget

    Twiget Member

    WHAT HAPPENED????? I knew that there was a change in the works but WOW!!! I guess I will standby and see what happens. But so far IMHO yuck.

  5. TruckLover

    TruckLover Mack CH613 & 53' Trailer

    And there is spam, and now you can't report it.
  6. Twiget

    Twiget Member

    And why is everyone some sort of a DRIFT?????
  7. ozzy

    ozzy Active Member

    whats this crap!!!!!!!!

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  8. TruckLover

    TruckLover Mack CH613 & 53' Trailer

    I think that we should give Don, Mikey and the mods a lil time here to work out some stuff.
  9. railroadcowgirl

    railroadcowgirl New Member

    drift newbie

    It's because now we are all adrift, get it?
  10. MCL_RDG

    MCL_RDG Member

    P U

    Buy like my job- they'd tell me- hey- if you don't like working here- you know where the door is.

    This is like coming home to my beautiful neighbor hood to find they tore down the sweet 'lil house across the street- put up a CVS and invited all the graffitti artists to make the place look like a "hood".

    But hey- it's progress. Change is good- it'll keep me away from the computer.

    And, I know- things will settle down. It's like being addicted (apparently). You'll (me), be back. Too many good people here to stay away- unless they go away too.

    I guess I'm just no zealot when it comes to hobbies.

    Mark (party pooper).
  11. ozzy

    ozzy Active Member

    what happened to "if it is not broke dont fix it."
  12. railroadcowgirl

    railroadcowgirl New Member


    Mark, what the h--- is a Dorifto Master and how come you get to be it? Is it like a Dorito? Does it come in flavors? Press two for........ oops, wrong post!

    Railroad Cowgirl
  13. ozzy

    ozzy Active Member

    im guessing lots will be leaving..... and from what i hear lots have.
  14. baldwinjl

    baldwinjl Member

    Hmmm, well, at least once I sign in it looks kind of familiar. Beyond that, I think for the time being I will say nothing, rather then anything I might think of....

  15. ozzy

    ozzy Active Member

    railroadcowgirl is today the first time you ever posted? says you joined 11/2006 but you only got 3 posts made. this right or is the site wrong?
  16. railroadcowgirl

    railroadcowgirl New Member

    This is my first time posting. I had been just looking before. Today's changes prompted me to post for the first time.
  17. trainnut65

    trainnut65 Member

    So you just thought you would post now that there has been a change. Let me see you just did not like the way it looked before. are is there something about it now.
  18. railroadcowgirl

    railroadcowgirl New Member

    Yeah, I joined in November but I've been just looking. AND, I DID like the way it looked before. No law against happily looking, is there? Now that there's a change, I thought I'd say something about it.
  19. trainnut65

    trainnut65 Member

    Speaking of spam, where is the Privacy Policy. Since we are now part of a much larger site with other hobby forums, what prevents our email addresses from being sold to someone? Just wondering.
  20. CNWman

    CNWman CNW Fan

    I am so NOT pleased!

    My first reaction to this new update: WHAT THE $@#%@#$%^#^#$!?!?!?!?! I'm getting links to stuff I don't want, nearly got blinded by this stinking white backround, and the $@%@# server wouldn't let me on the first time because it kept telling me that some dude had to OK me! Man, I miss the blue backround right now:(

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