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  1. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    does anyone know of a place where decent kits of the folowing planes can be downloaded?


    NULLMOON Member

  3. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    actually what im looking for is something on the calibre of modelarts stuff. i dont care if i have to pay for them. i really whant a detailed f-16,f-18, preferably as a download. thanks for listing the free ones but they are too simple for my needs.
  4. bfam4t6

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    Modelart is the only publisher of detailed jets that are downloadable that I know of, but they don't have the f-16 or f-18. Gremir publishes detailed downloads, but not jets. If you don't like the free ones then you'll have to pay. If you're paying anyways, you might as well pay for a hardcopy. Halinski has great versions of the F-14, F-16, and the F-18. The F-16 and F-18 might be a bit harder to get, but I wouldn't call them rare.
  5. smyfe

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    I searched for a few hours last night,I know how busy you are:thumb::mrgreen::thumb: but the only downloadable ones wre the previously mentioned P-Models, though there are a few hard copies to be had at various internet shops. I searched also using the internet vendors list on this forum.
  6. Airsword

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    I search the same planes, + the tornado ....
    if someone can help me ....
  7. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    thanks guys. ill take a chance and send for some hardcopies.
  8. jaffro

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    Although I've never built one, from all the comments I've seen on various forums, and build threads, I'd have to suggest you go for the Halinski's.

    I've not seen too many kits with more detail and am always blown away by the level of detail that can be achieved from paper and a bit of ink in the right places... The Halinski F-14 is on my list of "maybe one day" super high detailed builds.
  9. cmdrted

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    Let me chime in about the pmodels, they are very fairly detailed but they lack cockpits. These can either be "borrowed" from other kits and they actuall fit well. They have wheel wells and some fairly cool ordnance. They are 1/50 scale but can be opened by modern editors and then rescaled.
    Now on the other hand the Halinski series of jets is awesome! They rival anything in card and beat a lot of plastic kits as well.
  10. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    well i just ordered the f-16c,f18c,super hornet and f-15 by helinski.the site didnt have the f-14 so i will now search for it.
  11. cmdrted

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