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    What years does/ did the Western Pacific company operate in? Both with steam and diesel traction? What Western Pacific models are available in H0?
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    Not quite sure of the exact year the WP came to be, I believe it was a latecommer to the rail industry as compared to the other railroads already in existance. My guess would put it around the late 1890's to the early 1900's. For some reason the year 1900 sticks out. They operated all the way up to around 1982 or '83 when the UP swallowed it up.

    This means you can run a variety of mid to late steam engines, and early to mid diesel engines.

    I model in N scale and don't model the WP, but there is a fair share of WP in scale with Atlas making GP40's and an occassional caboose and Micro-Trains has made a few box cars and gons in the past (even a wooden caboose I think) the boxcars and gons came in the "Feather" paint scheme and at least what was probably the last paint scheme.

    With all that said, if it is available in N scale, then you should be able to find more in HO. Some of the HO modelers here can offer more insight. My guess is Athern would probably provide a wide range of WP engines and cars.
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