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  1. Is there a card model of a German Wespe self propelled 105mm howitzer? Preferably 1/25 scale. Thanks for any heads up you can give.

  2. charliec

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    Not as far as I'm aware. The whole complicated area of Wehrmacht SPGs is represented by very few models.

    I guess you could scratch build based on a Panzer II - Halinski has a good model of this.


  3. tjchung

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    Don't you mean a Hummel? If I recall, the Wespe was a tank destroyer with an 88mm gun, along with the Nashorn, mounted on a Panzer Mk.4 chassis. The Sd.Kfz.165 Hummel was a self propelled 105mm howitzer.

    If so, Model Card made one (NR 43). I've only seen a pirated scan, but the overal quality seemed to fall below that of Halinski or the newer GPM armour models. The caterpiller treads were especially dissappointing, just strips of grey with minimal tread details printed on them.
  4. No the Hummel had a 155mm gun on the Pz IV chassis. The Nashorn had a long barrelled 88 mounted on almost the same chassis and superstructure as the Hummel and the Wespe had a 105mm howitzer and was on the Pz II chassis.
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    AF is correct. the wespe (wasp) is the 105mm on a mk II chassis. the hummel (bumble bee) is a 150mm on a modified mkIII chassis (mk III wide, mk IV long). the nashorn (rhinocerous) shares the same chassis but is armed with the 88mm. i am not aware of any of these in the scale you seek.
  6. i just found and purchased a Wespe kit. 1/25 by Graf Model. I have no idea of the accuracy/quality but decided to throw the dice. Hopefully it will at least be a good base for a decent model.

    I love SPG's and have been looking forward to tackling one. I'm still very new at card modelling; i've only completed one kit (model card's KV-2 which i enlarged to 1/18 scale) and am currently just getting rolling with Modelik's Male Mk. IV, WWI tank (also enlarged to 1/18 scale).

    I think the Wespe will be a step up in difficulty for me, due to the open crew area, so i may build a few more models before i tackle it......have to see.

  7. charliec

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    Thanks for reporting back on the Wespe model. Graf models only seemed to have a single publishing year - 1994.

    If you find the Wespe is disappointing try Modelik's Hummel - fairly challenging but a nice model.

    It's interesting to see the tangle people can get into about Wehrmacht SPGs. The Wespe was a fairly simple Panzer II conversion. It starts getting complicated when captured tanks were reworked with captured Russian ZIS-3 guns and German PAK-40s as SPGs.


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    Ahh, my bad!
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    Halinsky-military modeler has one 1/25 scale. I think I paid 14.00 USD. I bought mine at the Paper Model Store and the service was exceptional as always from Krys. Hope this is what your looking for. As for quality, the model is beautiful....
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    SdKfz 124 "Wespe"
    Armament:105mm leFH18M L/28

    Gleaned off a site.
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    thanks for hint Zathros you´re right,

    sorry i found it free at google,

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    It seems this is a pirated model from GPM? The link must be removed as it is against the forum rules. It will be reported as such. If you can self edit the link it would be "better".
  13. Zathros

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    We have all been there and anyone who says they haven't may be less than forthcoming, or in the .000001% of persons that make up statistical errors. I always wonder about models, like all the really neat "ALCAN" models, no longer in print, impossible to buy, but out there, all scanned and preserved.

    I have designed a couple of models I am hesitant to release because I know they will be pirated and I have so much time into them, and they are of such obscure and one, very hard to model, I still don't know what to do! Welcome to the "Club"!:yep:
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    Good catch, Zathros!


  16. Zathros

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    I envy the easy access you Europeans have to these models! Shipping charges just make ordering these things prohibitive.


    For regular customers I`m able to recalculate shipping price if it `s really cheapler .

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