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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Tim K, Dec 30, 2005.

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    I believe your Bachmann DCC set with two locos was advertised by Peach Creek for $125.00 last month, their email says unamed major vendor (hint-Bachmann) will raise prices 15% accross the board. I was thinking of getting a Bachmann controller just to learn about DCC, since it didn't exist way back when I was model RRing. It sounds like it has shortcomings compared to some other manufacturers, but the price is right.
    Some places are selling the MDC system with a loco very cheap, that may be a good idea for you.
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    Does anyone have a link to Athearns web site?

    Tim K
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    Off topic but... I have a 1/350 Tamiya USS New Jersey, could i put a motor and radio receiver in that and make it run ( even if only in a pool)? I love the idea of haveing one of those actualy pond worthy,instead of sitting on a display stand. Its not built yet, so i it would be easy to do any modifications!

    Athearn has there stuff listed on their site, but you'll have to order from Horizon, which has been a pain recently, because it takes forever for my computer to load it. Horizon hobbies owns Athearn now, and only sells it to stores with window fronts, or from Horizon's website.
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    I don't think the EZ comand is worth it, even if you are just starting with DCC. Its so limited.

    I looked into the MRC sets with locomotives, and they all seem to be old Command 2000s which are obsolete by now. there was another one that was basicly the same exact thing as the bachmann dcc set except with MRC equipment.

    the December 2005 Model Railroader had specs on all the major DCC systems. They may or may not be a copy still on the shelves somewhere. go pick one up!

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