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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by TN_Trainman, Dec 5, 2006.

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    Well here it goes, the other night my wife was gone to work and I was setting at our dining room table looking at the rolling stock and locos I have purchased and then I had a vision, since I cant start my layout benchwork until after Jan 1, I could take double sided tape and mount some track on the table. :D I mean after all what would it hurt right? And the benifits were I could test rolling stock and locos that I had been buying over the last month. BBBBAAAAAAAWWWWW......one roll of double sided tape and away we go......:thumb: so after about 3 trys I manged to make an oval with a smaller spur oval ( had two atlas snap turnouts someone had given me at work) "Its alive ...its alive.." I felt like Doctor Frankenstein..........

    So I set in all my glory, running and testing all my rolling stock and locos......I was in heaven....then I looked at the clock..almost time for the wife....ahhh it will be alright I assured my self, after all we had painted over 5000+ warhammer figs, built dioramas, made medieval armour on this table..it was just another passing of right for this table which has served 8 children and my wife and I for over 10 years.

    Well in rolled the wife........she looked at the table crooked an eyebrow and said "whats holding the track to the table" I smuged and replied two sided tape ( in my best Don Juan wobble of the head).....she frowned and said...." if any of that gets into your locos wheels you will be sorry"

    You know I dont know if that was a helpful hint or psyops revenge............anyway I have went over the tracks 3 times to make sure....because the last thing I want to hear is the dreaded announce1 " I TOLD YOU SO"

    Just wanted to thank all of you guys for helping and answering all of my questions so far.

  2. Chessie6459

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    That is good to hear you got to run your trains George.:thumb:
  3. oldtanker

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    George, great, when I got back into the hobby I used LL power loc track and ran em on any flat surface!

  4. Herc Driver

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    Ooooohhhh...the dreaded reverse double-secret psychology!

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