well guys, i really done it this time.....

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  1. hello everyone, i need some help bad. i attempted yesterday to spray paint my new LL GP9's black, to match the WM layout im trying to build. well, all went fine, i thought. now after i looked at the locos this morning, they have all kinds of little bubble like indents in the paint. i now need to strip them both and im wondering what to use to do this? it is a spray can paint, not air brushed. does anyone know what i could use to strip these that wont hurt the plastic shell? thanks!:cry:
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  3. hey tom, thanks for that info, i never knew they made a paint that harmed plastic. fortunatley, the paint used is recomended for plastic, its called Miracal paint. thanks tom!
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    Hard to say, since I'm unfamiliar with the brand of paint, but 91% isopropyl alcohol is always a safe bet to start with. If that doesn't work, you might give Scalecoat Wash-Away a try. If all else fails, good old brake fluid generally does the trick.

    Next time, if spray cans are your only option, you may want to try Model Master brand paint. Paint on a clean surface (i.e., make sure those shells are clean!), watch the humidity (paint on a "dry" day if possible), keep the nozzle clean and *never* start spraying on the model - always point it away from the model and bring the spray pattern to the model. Likewise, never stop on the model. Wait until the spray pattern has passed the model.

    Of course, an airbrush is your best bet. You can pick up a good old Paasche single action brush on ebay usually around $30 to $40 and tank compressors are available at Wally World for around $100.
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    :wave: Hi Steve, the little bubble indents you refer to are as we call in the auto industry "fish eye". The problem is due to unclean surface before painting. After you strip the paint be sure to clean it very well with soap and water and let dry well. Try not to handle it with your bare hands as oil from your skin will cause it again. Hope this helps. Jim
  6. hey guys, thanks for all the advice and suggestions, im nearly finished stripping the two shells now, i used 91% alchaol and it seemed to take it right off. the truth of the matter is that when i sprayed the shells last night, i had drank a couple of drinks, must have dulled my senses, but im not gonna take that chance again:cry: anyways, thanks again for the help, ill post some pictures of them as i make progress.:wave:

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