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    On behalf of everyone at The Gauge I'd like to welcome you to the N / Z scale model train forum. The Gauge belongs to its members and we look forward to hearing your comments about improving the board. If you would like a new forum added, then please ask. However, all new forums will be on a trial basis to see how popular they become. There is nothing worse than having too many forums with too few posts. If you think we should change the names of the forums to something that relates to railroading, all you have to do is "holler", e.g. should we change the name of the "General Talk" section to "The Dining Car"?, and so on.
    We will be adding a links section in the near future, so look out for that. We hope to be a valuable resource for the model railway community, and hope you enjoy making new friends at The Gauge.

    All the best for now,
    Dave Hagan,
    The Gauge.
  2. dbn160

    dbn160 Member


    I have registered, for now, and am curious
    to see what happens on "The Gauge".

    To quote you, however, "There is nothing worse than having TOO MANY FORUMS (emphasis added) with too few posts". With another railroading BB with 1181 members already on line at


    What, pray tell, is the point in starting up a whole new BB? Your format is virtually an exact copy of Trainboard. So now we will have two BB's to monitor, with the very good possibility of having parallel threads running on identical topics, or, even worse, a thread being beaten to death on one BB, only to be resurrected again then beaten to death on the other BB.
  3. Dave Hagan

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    Hi dbn160, I received your e-mail and sorry for not replying earlier. I,ll reply in public if thats OK.
    When we said "too many forums" in our welcome post we were talking about the number of "forums" here at The Gauge not the number of forums on the WWW. The Gauge does use the same type of software as The Trainboard, thats because its the best. Thousands of sites use the Ultimate Bulletin Board software(actually cgi scripts). I don,t think having 2 BB's to monitor is overkill, I,ve always believed that more is better but thats just my opinion. I,m also aware of other forums. dbn160 some hobbies, interest areas e.g. gaming, have literally hundreds of forums, BB's, and chat sides.
    I hope I,ve answered some of your questions.

    Dave Hagan
    The Gauge
  4. dbn160

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    Well, I wish "The Gauge" well. I was not trying to cast aspersions in my earlier post,
    but with 5,879 posts in 581 threads in just the N forum at


    "The Gauge" certainly has its work cut out for it in the coming new year.

    Yes I know your comment concerned too many forums with too few posts on just The Gauge, but the same principle applies to forums in
    general -- the more there are, the harder it becomes to keep up with them all.

    Human nature is go where you get "the most
    bang for the buck" -- the biggest forum. What forums are you using to help announce and publicize "The Gauge"?
  5. Dave Hagan

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    Hi dbn160, The Gauge will be promoted in all tha usual manner, e-mailing clubs, banners,
    announcements on other forums(once), and developing a linking network. The sites just been updated so check out what we're doing here:

    Dave Hagan
    The Gauge
  6. chustace

    chustace New Member

    I personally think that there are too many BB on any subject, BUT there almost always isn't enough GOOD BB's. I look forward to contributing to this BB and getting a wealth of information about it. Good luck and happy railroading!

  7. Dave Hagan

    Dave Hagan Member

    Thanks for the comments chustace and welcome aboard. Its tough starting off, so if you can pass the word it would be great.

    Dave H
    The Gauge
  8. Alan Richards

    Alan Richards New Member

    Since this is a new board just starting up, I get lucky and am able to read all the messages, of course weeding out those that don't at least interest me. Found your site to day in a newsgroup and thanks. As one person said "who needs another forum" well I probably do, because sometimes, not everyone monitors each formum. Belong to one at YAHOO and "dah" it is sort of dead most of the time. I'm always willing to give something a try before making judgement quickly. Like the newsgroups, if you don't like something, drop it.

    But I do wish I know how to make those little smiley characters appear in the post. [​IMG]
  9. Dave Hagan

    Dave Hagan Member

    Welcome to The Gauge, Alan, nice to have you here. We hope you find something of interest here, and will be a regular contributor.
    I guess you have the smiley's figured out now

    Dave H
    The Gauge
  10. Drew

    Drew New Member

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, & I'd like to express my opinion that I think you've done a great job here, smiles frowns & all. [​IMG]
    I'm not familiar with trainboard.com, but I like the way you've divided this up into SIG forums. That way the rivet counters, & the tin-platers, & the G scalers, & the N scalers don't have to wade through each others' postings to get to what really interests them. And everybody knows model railroaders can't have too many forums! If there's anything we like to do as much as modeling, it's to talk about modeling!
  11. Dave Hagan

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    Hi Drew, Welcome to The Gauge, If there was a prize for the most posts by a new member in one day then you'd get it. I think your up to 9 0r 10 already. You become a senior member of The Gauge after 30 posts so that should be in 2/3 days--an amazing record!

    Thanks for the kind words

    Dave H
    The Gauge
  12. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    The Gauge is new to me too. I have been a member of Trainboard since March and have seen it grow so hope to see the same thing here. My main reason for coming is my good friend Catt who is now a moderator here.
  13. Drew

    Drew New Member

    You got me Dave! It just confirms what my wife has always said - I'm a wind bag! I hate it when she's right!

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  14. shamus

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    One of the best ways to spread the word around re (the-gauge, ) is for all members to add the gauge logo to their own websites. This way, (people who have never heard of the gauge,) will, after visiting your sites at least be aware of it. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    There are only three I think at the moment with a link back to the gauge. Once you include the gauge logo on your website, the gauge will display your URL, thereby getting you more traffic to your site also. [​IMG]

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    Bill Tidler, Jr.


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