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Discussion in 'Site News & Announcements' started by EnzoTen, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. sgoti

    sgoti Member

    Wow, me likey!

    Will have to do some more exploring when I have the time, but I am definitely liking what I see so far!
  2. Lighter

    Lighter Member

    :)Really nice upgrade. 'specially like that my account login and doo dads transferred smoothly. Lots of new stuff to click and try!
  3. skyman00

    skyman00 Member

    Excellent job guys, thank you! -J

    Oh yeah, when do you expect to have the DL section up and going? Got some things to contribute...
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  4. Kiyoshi

    Kiyoshi Member

    Good work on the new forum :) me likes!
  5. zathros

    zathros -----SENIOR---- Administrator

    Spread the word! There are those who just need to take a look and they will find a nice forum. A friendly, all inclusive forum. After all, we only want those who want to be here, to be here. This forum is built on sharing, and sincere friendship. :)
  6. bgt01

    bgt01 Exemplary Confidant

    Liking the looks of everything. You guys are doing and awesome job!;)
  7. upsilonman

    upsilonman Member

    Looks like a vast improvement - nice job!

    How do I find my previous posts (or messages now?) though? - I only made one thread but just can't find it yet. Are there sections of the old forum that haven't been ported across yet?
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  8. paulhbell

    paulhbell Member

    Well, this looks a lot better than the black background. Nice work.
  9. Sanginus

    Sanginus Member

    Nice fresh look so far, I like the new look.
    Good job guys
  10. inky

    inky Member

    Looking good guys, thank you for all the hard work.
  11. will69

    will69 New Member

    supernice. I like the looks of it. It easier to navigate and dont look cluttered like the old Zealot. It looks fresh and new. Thumbs up x 3
  12. micahrogers

    micahrogers Active Member

    have'n uploaded several pics of my latest build I just have to say "WOW" this is soooo much better than the old one.
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  13. Draegor

    Draegor New Member

    I love the new look, much easier on the eyes than the darker theme. I can't wait to try out the other looks. :)
  14. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    The RESOURCE Section (DOWNLOAD Section) category tree is now in place.
    We will be uploading models very soon.
    If you would like, you may now upload model templates as well.
    *NOTE* There is a 50 MB UPLOAD LIMIT! So there is no need for breaking up model file anymore.
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  15. ShadowHawk141

    ShadowHawk141 Member

    Thanks Rhaven, I realy like this new forum and all the features I discovered.
    The work you and all the others have done and are still doing are highly appreciated.

    Thank you guys !!!:D
  16. zathros

    zathros -----SENIOR---- Administrator

    Rhaven is working his butt off, just to let you all know. His rebuilding of the Downloads Section is fantastic. The picture uploading to you posts is such that you do not have to wait for any pictures you upload to a post to finish, you can upload 10 pics per post, and you just keep uploading till you are done. The software will catch up. When done, you will see the option to delete if you need to. :)
  17. zathros

    zathros -----SENIOR---- Administrator

    You should be able to upload now. Make sure you models have instructions. That goes for everyone. It was an issue we were having and I state this as a general reeminder. The upload limit is huge, so go for it! :):)
  18. The_Hawk

    The_Hawk New Member

    The New site looks great!! the response time and feel are fast and much newer feeling Thank you all for your hard work making this happen
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  19. Hawkabbc

    Hawkabbc Sci-Fi Geek (In Training)

    It took me a second to realize I was in the right place, but so far looks great, and making things easier is always a plus. Thank you!
  20. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    UPDATE on the RESOURCE Section.

    Some of the categories have been changed and moved around. Reason for being is that the RESOURCE Section categories directly correspond with the forum categories. So when a model is uploaded, a thread in that category will be started, bringing more attention to that particular model.
    On top of that, as I am uploading the models, I am reassigning the models to the actual original designers. That way they will get the credit for the UPLOAD as well as when someone is looking through the RESOURCE Section, the original designers avatar will show up with the model icon as well.
    This is just another way of giving credit to where credit is due.

    I have (FINALLY) finished reorganizing and uploading all of the BSG models to the RESOURCE Section.
    Now onto another category.
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