weird tanks anyone?

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    i still fancy a kit of the winged T-60 certainly a talking a what the hell is that kind of way a meeting of aviation and armour

    the ball tank seems to be real (its real as in the exists sense) but not a good modeling subject in card
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    I bet the "ball tank" was fun to drive downhill - especially if you tried to put on the brakes ... :-0
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    Weird indeed!

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    i image driving the ball tank was like rolling down the biggest hill in town in a dustbin with people shooting at concept i pretty much beats everything else hands down for pure insanity
    Krupp Kugelpanzer bit more info here fantastic site full of weird military vehicles heres another good one

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    Exactly. And you're sharing the cramped, tumbling dustbin with a red-hot engine.

    Probably fuel slopping everywhere because it's upside-down half the time.

    I think you'd be lucky to maneuver a "ball tank" across a parking lot, much less reconnoiter an enemy over broken terrain - and do it while peeping through that mailslot? Plus enemy children constantly pestering you and rolling you backwards?
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