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Discussion in 'Everything else' started by straeter, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. straeter

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    Hi, I've opened up a laptop AC adapter and removed all the stuff inside and replaced it with my own stuff. So basically I've modified the AC adapter to do something else.

    The problem is the AC adapter now weighs a lot less than its original weight before I made the modifications. This is a problem. I need to make it weigh its original weight because if people lift it I want them to think it is a real AC adapter and not anything else.

    Is there anything I can place inside the AC adapter to add the required weight? Something that is liquid that solidifies after a while is fine. Small metal weights that I can glue inside the adapter is fine too. Does anybody know anything I can use? Please give me URLs to websites where I can buy this.

    Please remember that space inside the AC adapter is limited. I have used up about 70% of the space inside to put my stuff in.

    Any help will be really appreciated. Thanks.
  2. PaperRonin

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    I would stuff it up with little lead weights used for fishing.... Put those in a bit of panty-hose to keep them together and not rattling.

    First thing I could think of that adds weight fast while not taking up a lot of space ;)
  3. cdavenport

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    You can melt those lead weights and pour them into a Sculpey mold that conforms to the shape of your AC adapter....I know what you did; I read about it in a magazine....very clever.

    Weigh the items you removed so as to replace the correct weight.

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