Weekly photo fun for 6/30

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by HOtrainman, Jun 29, 2007.

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    Mark, GREAT SHOT of those engines coming out of the tunnel:thumb: .

    Larry, WOW!!!:eeki: $30.00 for that SW1500 was a STEAL!:winki: :thumb: .

    tomkat, that NP box looks GREAT!!!:thumb: , as well as the scenes you put it in:winki: :thumb: .

    Steve, SLAP AWESOME SHOT!!!:thumb::thumb::thumb: , man your layout is SLAP AWESOME!:winki: :mrgreen: .

    Tom, TRULY FANTASTIC JOB on the weathering!!!:thumb::thumb::thumb: (as usual:winki: ). BTW, i REALLY LIKE the police car:thumb: , what brand is it?:confused:

    Heres the NEW CA3 UP caboose i got yesterday:thumb: . for the amount of money it cost, you would think it was made of gold:oops: , but you folks know me, i just cant leave ANYTHING alone:119: , i have a set of slogans that should be in tomorrow to put on it(i might make it "pool" service too), along with a couple other "goodies" for it, and then I'll weather it:winki: ...should be nice when I'm finished:mrgreen: .
    KEEP 'EM COMING FOLKS! :deano: -Deano
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    Nice caboose!

    The police car is from Classic Metal Works. It is 1967 Ford Custom 500 4 Door police Car #30159.
  3. UP SD40-2

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    Tom,THANK YOU VERY MUCH, for the info and part# on that Police car:smilie: . it will be on my NEXT Walther's order:thumb: . THANKS! :deano: -Deano
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