Weekly Foto Phun Week of Nov. 2 2007

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by chessie4155, Nov 3, 2007.

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    Hmmmm, let's see.... first off, that engine does not belong to the actual Savage company, I can see that the little I.D. marking under the cab window end in an 'X', which is almost always used to mark leased rolling stock (I think it's used for military trains, I dunno). Second, it's a B23/30-7 or a close relative, I can tell because I own a model of a B23-7 and that engine looks close to my model, and third, it's probably an ex-Conrail because of the second observation (B23/30-7's used to head all of Conrail's hottest freights)
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    I love your yard, I like how it curves through the space available. I bet ph(f)oamers love getting pictures from the bridge:thumb:
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    The other end of the yard is a little awkward and if my expansion ever happens, that is one of the things I hope to fix.
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    Judging by the background, specifically Parley's Canyon, I'd say this is the Midvale yard. If so, that "B" is probably used as a yard engine or for local switching. Unless it's geared to MU with the rest of the fleet, they wouldn't take it out on any of the real revenue runs.
    -My guess.
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    Great pics this week :wave:.

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    Kurt: Fantastic pic:thumb:..

    L&N Local heading out of town...
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    Here ya go.....
    Its raw.......its un-cut......its un-composite......
    CNE's GP-35 and GP-9..

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    Great pics everyone!

    Kurt...I love that engine! and it looks perfect on your beautiful layout!
    Mark...I don't know where this thread would be without you!
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    Steve: Thank you kindly but its not just me it's everyone who takes the time to take pics and post them...:thumb: Keep em comin Folks..

    Waitin on a Train..
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    Nice looking UP units!

    Great proto shots!

    Cool! Looks like fun!

    Great looking yard!
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    On another forum someone asked for the roofs of a couple the cars so I figure I would post them here also.

    Here are the roofs of the Accurail Lehigh Valley 50’ Exterior Post Boxcar and the Atlas Trainman Ashley Drew & Northern 50’-6” Boxcars.




    I weathered the roofs by applying a wash of Folk Art Charcoal Gray. Next was a wash of Folk Art Burnt Sienna. Then I quickly went over them with a light airbrushing of the following colors in order:
    • Folk Art Charcoal Gray
    • Folk Art Raw Umber
    • Folk Art Licorice
    Lastly I sealed them with Dullcoat.
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    B30/36-7 - it's got eight full-height doors for the 16-cylinder engine, as compared to six doors on a B23-7 or a B30-7A. Isn't the main difference between the 30 and 36 the larger exhaust stack on the 36? In that case, I think it's a B36-7. The number would then be horsepower-based. GE B36-7 roster It can't be ex-SBD/CSX, because those units have Blomberg trucks. The next-largest set of 36s are Conrail, so there's a good chance it's an ex-Con.
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    Yeah that wasn't a bad ride! I think that was one of the longer ones I've been on. The first one I had ever been on was a small loop at a thrashing show when i was little and the guy would go around 2 or 3 times. Too bad you didn't make it out there.

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    Ralph, your aggregate plant on the hill is awesome. I am an admirer of your industrial structures :wave:.
    Tom, your subtle weathering looks fantastic. Thank you for the tips :thumb:.
    Mark, love that shot along the track and through the bridge – great stuff.
    Steve, thank you :wave:. No wonder you like this engine – it’s a Baldwin :twisted::mrgreen:.
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    Looks like I missed a few folks

    Love the street running!

    Awesome shot of the L&N unit!

    Nice looking loco!

    Neat shot down the tracks!
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    Here they are:

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    Canon Power Shot A540 (paid $179.00) shot at f8.0 with camera placed on the layout and photo cropped with a free software called arfanview.
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