Weekend Photo Fun 12-12/12-19

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    Extra 4806 east at PT JCt.
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    I am not familiar with CDS dry transfers could you bring me up to speed
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    C-D-S is a Canadian company making dry transfers for many roads, and for various time frames from the late 1800s to the early '90s-or so. Most of them are in HO scale, but there are some available in N, S, O, and G, too. They have stopped producing new lettering, but have a large stock still on hand for sale. They also have a catalogue which illustrates each set (enough, in most cases, for one car). They also did custom lettering (I've had three different sets from them) but have ceased all production.
    The main benefit of dry transfers is that there is no decal film to hide. The main drawback is that you get only one chance to apply the lettering - if it goes on crooked, or in the wrong place, it can't be moved. It can also be difficult to apply lettering on irregular surfaces, such as corrugated car ends. Multi-coloured heralds, such as those on the L&NE cars, need to be applied one colour at a time, with a clear coat between applications.
    For difficult applications, I have found that the dry transfers can be applied to clear decal film, oversprayed with a clear protective coat, then applied as a regular decal - of course, now you've got that decal film to hide. :rolleyes::-D I'm currently working on two Proto2000 tank cars, and have put all of the lettering onto decal paper, as this particular lettering scheme is unavailable elsewhere. I'll post some pictures when they're done.
    Here's a LINK to a list of their inventory, and, if you'd like a 'phone number for them, drop me a PM.

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    Great Northern heavy derrick X29 hard at work after a mishap. :mrgreen:


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