wee springs in couplings

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  1. Highlander1

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    Hi there

    I have purchased 6 carriage's for the lay out recently.

    We noticed that they became detached easily then realised the wee springs have gone missing on 4 of the couplings is this normal they seem to fall out easily. Where is the best place to get new ones or is there a better method of coupling.

    trying to post another picture just for the crack. All the bridges and tunnels are made from pieces of wood covered with car body filler sanded then etched with a small engraver. The back boards will be made of photographs eventually. We decided to build the lay out on an indication of no where in particular but with a West Highland theme thats( why the roads are so narrow ). We make the trees from anything and everything.

    Dry food dye works with fine dry compost which we have ground to dust.

    The layout comprises of real stones, box packaging, bits of wire, wood and cardboard which had plaster poured over it.

    We don't go with any particular Ideas just keep trying different things till were happy.

    The railway signals that's a different story I took one of those little kits apart looked at it for an hour and put it back in the packet I haven't a clue how they work, the instructions are limited.

    Incidentally the lay out is 16ft long but very narrow. We Started just after Christmas 2006

    Cheers John & Dougs

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  2. MasonJar

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    Do you know what make the couplers are? I have limited knowledge of Nscale (I am in HO...!) but I would say that it is not normal for the springs to fall out...

  3. Highlander1

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    Hi there

    Thanks for your reply the couplings are plastic hooks with a wee spring which holds them in place these fall out in loft so finding them is not on the cards. then the couplings flop down and they come uncoupled. N gauge is really very fragile as we have found out a fall of 6" was enough to break the wee jinty shunter. It's linkages on the wheels now fall off as soon as we try to run it.

    We will get there I am sure. I spent the day building a wood and cardboard viaduct with 8 arches which I will cover in car body filler tomorrow sand and then hopefully that will be another bit done. I have time on my hands at moment for first time in years due to ill health, so this is very therapeutic. I will post a picture of the viaduct when completed.

    The best bit about building this layout is time goes days go by and it concentrates the mind.

    Cheers JB
  4. Herc Driver

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    No it is not normal for the springs to fall out...and with some manufacturers, they have a small plastic molded piece that holds the spring in place which provides tension to the coupler, centering the coupler but allowing it to move around the tracks as necessary. When the shoot out of the coupler housing, they're near impossible to find. But take a magnet and gently move it over the attic flooring and you just might find one or more of them. They don't tend to fly very far - maybe no more than a meter - so try to look around the last place you were working on the couplers.

    Depending on who makes your carriages, you can switch out the coupler sets with several different manufacturer types. Most people find that the knuckle-style coupler looks and works well, but for track that is slightly uneven, sometimes the rapido (also called a horn or hook style coupler) is the best since it seems to hold on no matter what. There are plenty of guys on this forum that have changed out coupler sets from one brand to another and can help you through the process. I've changed out only a couple sets, with some pretty good results but don't consider myself an expert in the field.

    Good Luck and nice layout!
  5. shaygetz

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    I just redid all my cars and engines with the Micro-Trains conversion kits. Those folks make it so easy, I highly recommend taking the opportunity to change them over. The wheelsets they replaced I turned around and resold on Ebay(probably to folks looking for the very wee springs you're looking for:D ), getting more than half my money back. If you want to stay with those that you have for now, I have several wheelsets left that can be salvaged for their springs that you're welcome to.
  6. Highlander1

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    Hi Shaygetz

    I have spoken to manufacturers who were as much use as an ashtray on a motor bike.

    I have been unable to get anywhere with them. The supplier says he will call back but never does.

    If your offer of the under carts is still on I would live to take it up for the springs.

    How much can I send you to cover postage etc are you on paypal.

    Kind Regads John

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