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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Hot4Darmat, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. Hot4Darmat

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    At the risk of upsetting those awaiting the completion of the Outland Shuttle Project (yes, its ongoing, but backburnered abit), I wanted to give a look-see at another project I've got going on the side. So far its in the development stage, and the builds should be much simpler than other stuff I've got going on, but I have big plans for a wide range of vessels that could potentially grow to ridiculous sized models. For starters, here's a glimpse at one of the smallest one's I'll be making: The HMS Fearless, a Courageous class light cruiser (CL) of the Royal Manticoran Navy.

    For reference I've been using the stuff from the books themselves, online fan art, as well as the calendars and things in Jaynes Fighting Ships of the Galaxy documents from the Ad Astra Games "Saganami Island Tactical Simulator" (SITS) starship combat tabletop miniature game.

    Initially, I wasn't all that enamoured with the ship designs, but since getting into the books (on book 6 now), I've totally "gotten" it and find them to be very cool now. Any other fans of Honorverse stuff out there, please feel free to jump in and make comments that will help me create better paper models of these vessels. Am I alone or are there others who would like to have a whole wall of battle hanging from their ceiling?

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  2. Nothing

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    not familiar with this subject. could you post a pic of what it looks like? meaning one of the fan art or something.
  3. Coot59

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    I want! Honor Harrington is a great series.

    Please Keep up the work. Would love both large and mabye 6mm or 28mm scale for gaming.

    Many thanks!
  4. Hot4Darmat

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  5. Nothing

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    thanks for the point of reference. yours is looking good!
  6. JackFrost

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    Can't wait to see these, Love the Honor Harrington series.
  7. TonyG2

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    Always liked the Honor Harrington ship designs. Very "clean" looking and pretty much unique to the "Honorverse".

    Good books as well.

    If you are a far, the fleet books from Adastra Games are well worth getting.
  8. MOS95B

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    Well, this has been a wierd series of events. I liked the looks of the model, so I finished reading the thread.

    In the thread, I liked the sounds of the comments on the book series the models are based on, so I Googled for more info (I'm always looking for the next book to read).

    The first couple of pages I found sounded good still, so I dug a little further still and found A free online library, where this series can be found.

    Now, I'm reading the first book of the series.....
  9. TonyG2

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    If you buy the latest novel in the series in hardback, it comes with a CD-ROm containing all the previous novels.

    Most if not all the books are available here along with an interesting article for modellers called "The Great Resizing" that defines the size and mass of the ships. Basically if the ships were as big as originally described in the books, then at their stated mass, they would have the density of smoke!

    Because there were many references to mass and not many to length in the books, they decided to keep the mass and reduce the size of the ships to a credible size.

    Not often you get such an attention to detail in this genre.
  10. Hot4Darmat

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    Yup. The books are great, and available easily online. I've read the last 4 on CD on my computer (a first for me). The great resizing was also necessary for the SITS game rules and ship physics to make sense. Its so cool how the writer worked closely with the game developers and admitted that "yeah, we need to fix that" (vessel size to mass ratios), so they just did.

    I've been insanely busy in RL lately so all projects have been chilling, but will resume soon.
  11. Griffworks

    Griffworks Plastic and Resin Modeler

    I never got in to the series of books, but appreciate the clean lines of the ship designs I've seen from there. Everything I've seen - whether official or fan-produced based on the books descriptions - has impressed me a great deal.
  12. Space Modeler

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    The books are great! there is even talk of a movie or TV show. I cabt wait untill the plans are posted for the models. I tried several times to make my own but they all look like space hotdogs.

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