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Discussion in 'Model Rail Operations' started by RobertInOntario, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. RobertInOntario

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    I was wondering if anyone can recommend any web or magazine articles on North American railway operation, i.e. a sort of very basic, introductory "how to" guide on how to realistically run your model railway.

    FYI, I model in HO and mainly run CNR and Sante Fe trains (when the layout's in "North American mode" -- otherwise I run British railways!).

    I do have a helpful book on how to operate a British layout according to actual, historic railway practices. While I'm enjoying the book, it's a bit too much info all at once. This is why I think I would benefit more from a really good web or magazine article, just to get me started.

    Having said all this, I realize that a good book still might be the best way to go. If so, I'll look into getting 1-2 of the books mentioned in this forum.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

  2. jetrock

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    The standards of the hobby are "Track Planning for Realistic Operation" and "The Railroad: What It Is, What It Does", both by John Armstrong. As far as online articles, you might try some of the online articles at the trains.com forum, or the Yahoo! Layout Design SIG (there are many model railroading related Yahoo groups, best bet is to search them for operations-oriented groups.)
  3. RobertInOntario

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    Thanks, I'll check those out as well as trains.com. Cheers, Rob
  4. RobertInOntario

    RobertInOntario Active Member

  5. brakie

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    I highly recommend the following book by Tony Koester because its more up to date as far as advanced prototypical operations.
    Realistic Model Railroad Operation: How to Run Your Trains Like the Real Thing.
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  7. 2-8-2

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    I just picked up this book, and it's fantastic.

    Having also read John Armstrong's Track Planning for Realistic Operation, I can say that Tony Koester's book is a much easier read. His writing is much more "newbie friendly" and easy to understand. As far as I can see, anyone interested in operations must read this book.
  8. 2-8-2

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    As for internet information, you can't go wrong with looking into the OpSIG group of the NMRA. There's plenty of links found by searching Google, and Yahoo! Groups also has an OpSIG group as well as other operations-related groups you can get into.
  9. brakie

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    Yes and some of those groups are advanced operators and has some great advanced operation discussions.

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