Weaver vs. MTH, Lionel, Williams

Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by djklee, Jan 6, 2001.

  1. djklee

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    Hey guys, quick question!! I own lots of Lionel, MTH Railking, Williams, some K-Line. K-Line seems to be a tad smaller than the latter. I currently own no Weaver Rolling Stock at all. Does Weaver compare size wise or scale wise with RailKing, Williams, and or Lionel or is it more to scale as in MTH's Premier Line.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. PRSLou

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    I really can't answer your question(s), because I have all MTH Premier and Railking cars. For a scale-sized layout, I reccomend the Premeir.

    Maybe someone else can answer!?!?


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  3. djklee

    djklee New Member

    Thanks, Lou. The reason for my query was that I did'nt want to buy Weaver if it is substantially larger than Lionel, Railking, and or Williams. If it is more to scale than what I have, Railking, Lionel and Williams, ie: scale like The Premier Line than I would steer away or not consider it as it would look out of place w/ what I already have. I have never seen a piece of their rolling stock up close and am looking for some kind of comparison. Found a whole new world of O Train Stuff on E-bay and from what I've seen the detail on Weaver Rolling Stock is awesome but if its larger like the Premier line then it would serve me no purpose.
  4. diamondback

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    Weaver are scale cars and engines just like MTH Premier Items... The graphics on these cars are great and are normally during a product run, three road numbers are produced on the cars... Hoppers runs have up to 12 different road numbers run.... The problem with their cars are that they are light and come with plastic side frames on their trucks... These cars need to be weighted or metal trucks put on them for better operations

    The best detailed O Scale Cars out there and are my favorite are the Atlas O cars... Great detail and but I run all the o scale cars from Atlas O, Weaver, MTH Premier and Lionel Standard O cars.... It is great to have so many choices now... Even K-line O Clasic cars are getting better, really like their Cabooses and die-cast hoppers and gondola but very heavy...

    If you have any other questions you can email me at diamondback@uswest.net

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