Weathering wagons & question

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  1. Gavin171

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    Weathered wagons & question

    just a few more pics of my stock , my question is i'm mainly collecting southern stock late 50's to 70s but what other roads would have brushed shoulders with southern I'm not one for keeping to the rules but it would be nice to keep things fairly pro typical.

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  2. Fred_M

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    In the US and Canada ALL the railroads interchange loads and rolling stock with one another in revenue service. So you will see any, US, Canadian, and even some limited numbers of Mexican cars along with all the leased cars from private companies like TTX and FURX on the Southern Railroad. Fred
  3. Gavin171

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    differant roads southern

    what about locomotives would the same apply'
  4. Tyson Rayles

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    The most common freight during that time would be roads like L & N, B & O, C & 0, Seaboard Air Lines/Coast Lines/ Family Lines, Atlantic Coast Line, Fla. East Coast, Norfork & Western, Central of Ga., Western Maryland and Clinchfield to name a few. Some of these roads may have already gone under in your time frame but the rolling stock was still out there. On locos it was mainly L&N, N&W, Seaboard and Atlantic. I never saw anything from Mexico to this day on Southern rails and up until the 80's rolling stock from Canada was very rare. To my knowledge TTX and FURX didn't exist back then, if they did I never saw em'. :)
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    While seeing other roads' locomotives is quite common today, it wasn't particularily common prior to the 1980's, unless there was a locomotive factory on line (Alco, EMD, etc)

    Note TTX dates to 1956, although FURX is much newer. As to Canadian cars being rare on Southern Rails prior to the 1980's, I'm actually somewhat surprised, as I know that Ontario produce, as well as lumber headed down that way.
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    thanks guys it gives me something to work with and a bit of variety

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