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    how would i weather track? i have a book that breifly mentions it. all it really tells me is to get an aresol spray can and spray the tracks, then take a track eraser and clean it off after it dries.

    the one thing that struck me as odd is that aren't the rails and the ties gonan bea different color? in that case should i use a micro brush and paint the sides of the rails ( so i don't have to clean the tops of the rails) and then paint the ties seperately? it might take a while, but i figure it would look better in the end. is it worth it?
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    Harold, just wanted to let you know that you have been added to my link page under the how-to section. It's great to find a web page with detailed instructions on how you achieve your results. Great work. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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    Rails and ties don't end up exactly the same color, but they're close--the same gunk gets dripped on them. By airbrushing or spraying them a dull grayish-brown, you will cut down on the rails' shine (as well as the unwanted plastic shine of the plastic ties) and make them less noticeable--which adds greatly to realism. The object of painting track is as much to disguise them as to detail them.

    Once they are painted, if you are of a mind to do so you can make them more realistic by adding extra paint to make 'em look a little different--I like to use microbrushes to add a light coat of rust to the webs of the rails, and sometimes add different shades of brown and dark gray to the ties.

    Also, I find that when I add ballast, using an ink wash (isopropyl alcohol mixed 60:1 with India ink) both helps the glue penetrate better and helps bring out track details. It reacts differently with the paint on the rails and the paint on the ties, which helps differentiate them a little bit.

    The result looks kinda like this:
    I like my layout looking a little scruffy. Sometimes a *lot* scruffy.
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    the only thing i'm afraid of is when i look at the ties on the railroad i want to model, the look more brown, and less grey.... its the NJT coastline. the older industrial park i will make with the whit+ india ink, but how would i get the more brown color ties?
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    Umm... brown paint? ;) :D

    If you have some pieces of snap track (or any other track) laying around, just try a few experiments. Make notes so you can duplicate whatever result you like best.

    On a small diorama I made, I followed these steps:

    I used Atlas snap (sectional) track. I put it all in place, and held it down with a few straegically placed nails. I then covered the switches/turnouts and spray painted everything with cheap-o rust/brown primer. I then painted the web (sides) of the rails with a dark colour (this makes them appear smaller). Then I dry-brushed the ties with brown/grey. I then ballasted. Then I dry-brushed again for highlights. Finally, I cleaned the tops of the rail.

    Hope that helps. Try - you have nothing to lose, since you can always paint over if you don't like it!

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    I used Krylon Primer since it the same color of rust..

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    I must say that site has some amazing stuff.
    Well done Harold.

    PS: You have been book marked by me a long time ago. Your site is a wealth of infor for me.

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