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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by jr switch, Jan 20, 2007.

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    As Iv'e said before, been using Testers model paints for years on my RC boats and other projects, but I have gotten some great ideas from you guys in recent threads on the subject of weathering. Iv'e got a bottle of Neolube on the way and want to try the chalks or weathering powders next, but just wanted to mention something I tried and it works great.
    Using a bottle of the Testers flat black, mixed about half and half with thinner, I paint the cab roof or top of tender, heavy in the corners and around covers and a light coat over the open areas. Let it dry for an hour. The paint will dry and look sort of like black dust. Then, with a small piece of soft cloth, wipe it down and the open areas end up looking older and used, the areas in corners and around things have the look of accumulated grime. Q-tips can be used to get closer to edges.
    This highlights rivet lines, weld seams, and simulates the appearance of something that has been maintained, but has been around for awhile. I'm sure some of you have tried this before, just wanted to share because it's pretty easy and adds to the realism. John
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    Sounds pretty easy. Do you have any pictures?

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    Loren-----I'll try and get some posted. Camera works fine, Wife and I both have many pics in the computer, but I have a hard time trying to get them to print on a thread on the Forum. I'll keep trying----
    It is easy and really makes a difference. Iv'e done it on the tops of my diesels and the cab roofs, tender tops, lower areas on the sides of the engines and the tender sides, fronts and rears. Just go lightly over the numbers, roadnames, using enough thinner so that letters aren't covered, just look a little dirty. Keep in mind, all this was on black steam engines and dark blue B&O diesels. John

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