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Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by George, Feb 22, 2001.

  1. George

    George Member

    Some questions have come up from "America's Dairyland" (that's Wisconsin for the rest of us).

    Concerns about CN attitude towards railfans, and what will the corporate tilt be towards live steam excursions over Canadian National rails.

    Let's hear from both sides of the border on this one.

  2. CP_milwaukee

    CP_milwaukee Member


    I'm a railfan from Milwaukee, WI. I'm a big fan of the WC, and the CN. I've seen lots of both railroads up in Waupaca, WI(the dairyland), but there's only one WC train that runs through Milwaukee via CP rails. So hopefully, when CN picks up WC, I'll see more action of both in my home town [​IMG]

    From this railfan's perspective, I give it two thumbs up [​IMG]

  3. DaveCN5623

    DaveCN5623 Member

    Hi George , I really do not understand what you asking in your post . Maybe try putting it into other words [​IMG]

    And I will give my take on the situation , being a employee of CN .
  4. LC

    LC Member

    Dave, I think what George is getting at is that "rumor" has it that C.N. is un-friendly towards rail fans. To tell you the truth, in my experience there isn't any railroad that puts up with un-authorized people on their property.
    Also there are a couple of steam locomotives that presently operate on the W.C., so what is C.N.'s position on this? I know C.N. has it's own steam program, and how active is their steam operation?
  5. Chessie_SD50_8563

    Chessie_SD50_8563 New Member

    My only expernce with CN was a positive one. I was railfaning with a few railfan friends. Yes we were trespassing. About 1 Hr after we got there a RR cop pulled up and asked us what we were doing. We told him we were railfans and he said "okay, Just be carefull" and drove off. We had no more problems the rest of the day.

    "Everyone has the right to be stupid... just NS mastered it!"
  6. CP9300

    CP9300 Member

    Oh my experience with the CN police was a memmorable one. Last summer a buddy of mine and myself were haunting Rectory Street in London.

    Right in the middle of a Pair of CTC signals. So every once in a while, walk up to the tracks, check the signals....walk back......do this for about 20 min.

    Then the CN officer comes outta the office. Comes out asking what we are doing. Told him checking the signals for changes for trains.

    He comes out with, "Guys, dont do it so often. Stay off the tracks. They are inside trying to have a safety meeting, and you guys are walking back and forth on the tracks. They wanted me to come out and shoot you!"


  7. DaveCN5623

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  8. LC

    LC Member

    I too am involved in railroading and have found that the best thing any railfan can
    do is "just ask first".
    We usually will tell them or if possible show them a safe place to be and still see enough to make them happy.
    But as I said else where here on the Gauge, they are their own worst enemies.
    You can't blame the railroads for fearing lawsuits. It was last year that one railfan was killed because he stood in the middle of one track to take pictures of a train on another track.
    Lets face it, when a little model train hits something the worst you get is broken plastic, when a locomotive weighing almost 500,000lbs hits something, even at low speed there is usually a huge amount of damage.
    Last fall in the Milwaukee Wi. area a slow moving W.C. GP38 hit the cab of a semi truck.
    According to those who saw it happen the driver of the truck ingnored a stop sign. He was killed, I have several photos of the front of the locomotive, the indentations of the duels of the cab of the truck are very clear to see on the locomotive. The front coupler of the locomotive went directly between them. The train was travling at less than 10 mph when this occured.
    When I'm in the cab and going through cities I'm amazed at the amount of people going around the gates, they almost dare us to hit them. It's a very sad part of railroading because sometimes we do hit them, and they loose big time.

  9. George

    George Member

    What we're really digging here for is the local CN policy.

    We all have had mixed experiences leaning towards the positive in Canada, but will there be a major difference on CN in the states?

    I dare say that it will probably be business as usual.


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