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  1. I’m looking to build a waterfront dock layout and would like to know if anyone has reference materials that may help in the design of this layout. Photos or anything to help me better understand the operations of a waterfront dock in the modern era. I was doing the layout based sometime between 1990’s and now. I know I’ll not be able to model the complete dock but I would like to focus on a container ship dock with the overhead crane and containers, trucks, forklifts and such around the yard. Thanks in advanced.
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    Here are some pictures of container transfers, cranes and other harbor operations:

    Container load/unloading
    Container cranes unloading.jpg

    Bulk Unloading
    Bulk unloading to barges.jpg

    Overall shot of a container transfer pier
    UAE Container Transfer Pier.jpg

    Intracoastal freighter and RoRo nested at storage pier
    RoRo and Freighter Docked.jpg

    I also wanted to do a container pier but I do not have the room to do it justice. I went instead for a quay wall parallel port scene with small boats and one intracoastal freighter. Since I could not find any material that was close to the appearance of the quay walls I saw in Denmark and Singapore, I carved my own and painted it. The quay wall is 56" long with a traveling crane as shown in this thumbnail from my "Construction" photo album here:

  3. Great pictures, I've been trying to find a model of the first container crane you loaded but think I may need to scratch build it. That's why I want as many photos as I can get. I like what you've done with your layout thus far. I think the room I have available will be my bigest problem as well. We'll see.
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    I am glad they were a little helpful. Here is another shot of the cranes that is a little fuzzy but at least the ship and mobile crane are not covering up the container lifting cranes:

    Skids, cranes and containers
    Skids and Containers.jpg

    I will look around as I think I have some good container hoisting crane pictures from a couple ports in California and post them if they are not obscured.

    Someone suggested a good idea about hiding some of the pier to help keep the size down in the other post so here are some other things you may want to consider -

    Storage Silos at harbor.jpg

    Harbor Control Tower and Tug Dispatch
    UAE Harbor Control Tower.jpg

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